May 3, 2010

True Story

I'm sure this happens to everyone but even so, I still feel weird telling this story to people in my real life but something happened yesterday to prove that I really do have the cutest baby in the world.


We met my now 18 year old nephew (who I helped raise from age 4 to almost 9) at an Olive Garden to celebrate his big birthday. After waiting for a good five minutes, we ended up getting seated all the way in the back of the restaurant because there was four of us adults and Lovie who was in her car seat and stroller.

Lovie was asleep until the food came. Of course.

I quickly scarfed down some of my meal so that I could pick her up though she was, for the moment, content in the carseat.

And once she was in my arms I could see eyes from every direction pointing at us. Lovie is not a noisy baby (unless she's hungry) so I can only assume they were all looking because A) "it's a baby!" and B) she's so damn cute (I've come to the conclusion that it's the head of curls that draws the initial attention).

While I really do not like attention on me (for reals), I've become used to the attention Lovie gets and I do admit I like it. I really enjoy people's faces lighting up when they see her. I enjoy letting others hold her and talk to her. I just like that my little Lovie can make people smile and feel good.

Soon she was in my nephews arms, then my dads. And as my dad held onto Lovie as she sat on the edge of the table facing him, a busboy came to the table asking if he could take away some plates. But he was looking and smiling at Lovie while he asked.

"No you can't take her away," my dad said with a laugh.

"Oh I wouldn't mind taking her away if you want," the teen busboy replied. "She's really cute." With dishes in his hands, the teen just stood there smiling at Lovie which I found endearing but a little weird. I'm used to older people commenting and looking- but a teen boy other than Nephew? It threw me for a second.

The next thing I know Lovie's back in my arms and she reeks. Bad. So off to the restroom we went where I discovered a big poop.

Of course. I honestly don't know how she does it but I've come to expect nothing less than a huge poop from her whenever we go somewhere - particularly a restaurant. And this one was big, stinky, AND sticky. (And now I'm reminded that I MUST refill the wipes!!)

I finally get her changed and exit the stall and a young woman standing by the sinks waiting for us to make our way out of the stall said with a smile, "Are you giving mommy a hard time?"

"No," I replied with a smile, "She just had to give mommy a big poopy diaper to change is all."

I walked past the girl, smiling, and she continued to talk to and look at Lovie.

I washed one hand with Lovie in the other, then washed the other hand with Lovie in the clean one before leaving the restroom and returning to our seats.

Twenty minutes later, Nephew was leaving and Lovie was starting to fuss so I made her a bottle while saying goodbye to Nephew. The hubs gave Lovie the bottle and the next thing I know there's about six Olive Garden staff members crowding in around us.

Our waitress apologized for all the people but was insistent that everyone come see Lovie since another waiter (at a different table) kept commenting to our waitress how stinkin' cute Lovie was. I guess this waiter has two kids, one a couple months older than Lovie and the other a couple years old. He even showed me their big smiley faces.

So cute.

But not as cute as Lovie.


So there you have it. Proof that Lovie really is the cutest baby in the world... so much so that teen busboys and 1/2 the Olive Garden staff has to marvel over our just how cute she really is.


Right now it's all fun... but I just really don't want her to turn into one of those kids that acts like they know they're cute. I know you know what I mean, too.


  1. That just proves how frickin' cute she is!

  2. Hi! Just getting around to D-list from the 30th... anyhow, I love this story! I won't argue with you about the cuteness of your baby (ADORABLE!) but I must suggest that maybe she is only the cutest female baby on the planet, and my boy takes the male baby title?

    Really, though. I love how you told the story and I think we should set up our kids an arranged marriage so we can have the cutest grandbabies on the planet.

    No, for real. For a teenage boy to say something/someone is cute, it takes a lot! So there!


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