May 26, 2010

Cutest Alarm Clock Eva

Ack, don't you just wanna swoop her up and nom on her?? : )

She did it again last night! My itty bitty baby doll Lovie slept through the night.

: (

I know most parents would be doing cartwheels right now... but not me.  In fact, I slept horribly last night because I just missed her so much.

How pathetic is that??

After our normal bedtime routine, we laid her down and she fussed for a couple minutes until she flipped over onto her belly and started playing with, holding, singing with the Seahorse. Her head would pop up, she'd look at the Seahorse, her head would lay down. Repeat about 64 times.  The hubs turned the Seahorse back on when it shut off - not because Lovie fussed, but because he "wanted to be nice." : )  When the Seahorse turned off the second time, Lovie turned her head the other way and laid it down and fell asleep.

It was 7PM on the dot. No pacifiers were used, only the Seahorse.

Sometime after 2AM, I heard her "talking" as I slept on the couch. (I couldn't sleep. I missed my baby doll and was hoping she would wake so wanted to be nearby when she did.)  With my eyes still closed, I smiled listening to her jibber jabber. When I reached for my cell phone/alarm clock to see the time, it said 5:08AM.

Oops. I forgot that I shut off the alarm yesterday when I wasn't sure if I hit the off button or snooze button.

Thank goodness Lovie woke when she did or we'd have been sorely late to school and work.

...8 more hours baby girl


  1. I don't think it is pathetic at all that you mised her, it is kind of cute...even if it is unbelievable that you're actually complaining about your kid STTN. ;-) Enjoy it!

  2. I'll send ya mine just in case your bored in the middle of the night ;)

  3. Oh, it's so sweet that you missed her so much! I bet she was pumped to see you after sleeping for so long! You should tell her to email H some tips on sleeping well. She does email, right? ;)

  4. I always tell my husband I do not need an alarm clock, but I am hopeful one day she will sleep in :) It took me 2 weeks of sleeping awful when Bailey starting sleep in her own room and through the night! Hang in there Momma!! It is almost the weekend (and a long one!!)


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