May 19, 2010

Everything You Ever Wanted

Here's the emptiness I've spoken of the past couple days... I just hate seeing the back seat of the car this way. I much prefer just the car seat base or, better yet, the cutest baby in the world smiling up at me!


In other news, Aunt Flo finally decided to visit (again... see my Michelle Duggar post for more info) which definitely explains the anger, short fuse, and emotional roller coaster ride I've been on the past week or so.

And as much as I despise PMS and AF, my Lovie makes it all better, makes it all go away. Last night after showing the husband that Lovie is super close to sitting on her own (so stinkin' cute my teeth hurt thinking about it!) and putting her down for the night (she fell right to sleep because she didn't nap much again at day care and stayed awake with me when we got home until bedtime), he said to me, "It's times like this when it feels like you have everything you ever wanted in life."

He said it kind of like a question and my only-had-a-half-cup-of-coffee-so-far brain can't really come up with exactly what he said right now. I replied, "Absolutely," and smiled thinking about how absolutely, insanely incredible life is right now.

"Am I lame for feeling like this really is it, like I really do have everything I ever could want out of life right now?"

"Not at all," he replied.

We're so fucking blessed.


  1. awww...your lovey dovey posts make me tear up!

  2. ahhh...! We are so frickin blessed :) For sure. You are half way through the week, hang in there!

  3. This is all so sweet! Whenever I see H smile I can't help thinking that our life is so good and so amazing right now. I get butterflies thinking about how great it is that we get H for life...we get to see him grow up and smile every single day. Amazing!

    btw, so glad that Lovie stayed awake with you after daycare!


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