May 29, 2010

See ya!

Happy 5 Monthday to my sweet baby doll!! Five months ago right now I was probably dreaming of food, truth be told. Lovie was already 5.5 hours old and probably sleeping or nursing and I was probably starving. I got the joys of gestational diabetes during pregnancy so I was unable to eat anything other than an ice chip from the time I was admitted to be induced (8PM, 12/27) until well after birth (120AM, 12/29).

Enough of that though. I'll have to post my monthly letter to my sweet baby girl at another time...

For now, enjoy some pics taken with my stupid cell phone (because I didn't have my camera) yesterday of Lovie sitting - all by herself - during a visit to the park. 

They let us (prisoners) go early from work, I rushed to pick up Lovie, and because it was so incredibly gorgeous out (and she was awake), we stopped by this park we always drive past on our way home. It was about 75 out, but the sun was blazing hot so we only spent a minute in the swing before parking it in the shade.

In a bit, Lovie and I are gonna go meet some friends for breakfast and later this afternoon we're supposed to go see an apartment (long story). Then tomorrow we're off for a annivacation (the hubs and I have been together for 10 years, married for 3) for several days! I'm soooo excited for this trip. It'll be the first time since starting back to work in March that we all get to spend more than just a short weekend together... and, it'll be the first time Lovie gets pool time! : )

Probably won't be around much till the end of next week... have a great one!


  1. Great park pics! And a beautiful day or sitting outside with Lovie. Now please stop bragging about how you got out of work early! : )

  2. Aw, she is just so adorable! Have a great annivacation!

  3. Have a good time on your trip mama!

  4. Have a great little get away!! Lovie is adorable! I remember not so long ago Bailey was sitting up and funny because every single day you will notice her sitting up better, her back will become straighter and then she will be sturdy! Bailey still falls :) Way to go Lovie :)

  5. Happy 5 month day!! She is just too cute!


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