June 29, 2010

"I really like your baby"

It's another emotional day today.

My sweet baby doll is 6 months old.

That's right, Lovie's 1/2 a year old and you best not mess with her! : )

That picture makes me literally laugh out loud every single time I see it. She's just too badass looking in it not to laugh.

Here's a few more from the big photo shoot.

I made the tutu myself and it was so simple and so unlike me. I'm not girly girl. I hate frilly shit. And big flowered headbands. And bows and crap. So I don't dress Lovie like that... normally.  But I knew I wanted to make a big effing deal about her Half Birthday so I ordered the 1/2 onsie and made a tutu. At least there's black in the tutu!

She's even wearing this outfit at school today (though I did bring a pair of shorts in case the tutu becomes too much), which is why I took these photos this past Sunday.

And as if I wasn't all verklempt about my itty bitty baby doll Lovie celebrating her HALF Birthday, as I was leaving her at daycare and held the door open for another mom and her two kids- a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy (I'm guessing on the ages)- the girl looks up at me and says, "I really like your baby" with the sweetest little smile.

I was so shocked and so incredibly touched! I said, "Thank you. I do too!" and left the school with tears leaving my eyes.

June 28, 2010

I hate Mondays

This morning was rough for me.

taken this morning as Lovie sat on my lap as we waited for school to open

I cried as I left Lovie. And now as I’m typing this, I’m getting all choked up again.

I just adore my girl.  She sincerely is the light of my life.  This is sincerely what “it” is all about.  She is life. She is everything. And tomorrow, she’ll be half a year old already!


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the weekend, including this morning. I think that’s why the tears came, to be honest.

See, work has offered a new work schedule that I thought I would take complete advantage of: Basically you get every other Friday off. Currently my full time schedule is 37.5 hours a week. With this new schedule, I’d have to work 40 hours during the 5 day week and 35 hours during the 4 day week.

Totally doable, right?

Ummm, let’s dissect:

I drop off and pick up Lovie from daycare every day. My husband and I work in completely different directions so he can not take over any of that (not consistently at least). Right now I drop her off between 630-645 every morning and pick her up at 330. We’re home usually by 430-445. Her bedtime is 7. So I get a couple of hours with my Lovie, in addition to the car time (which I don’t really count since she normally sleeps and if she doesn’t, it’s not like we’re interacting much since we can’t see one another – though we do sing at times).

With this new proposal, drop off time would still be the same because the soonest her school opens is 630. So during the 40 hour/5 day week, I wouldn’t be picking her up till 4-415, thereby not getting home until 5-530 (traffic is REALLY BAD during rush hour); the 35 hour/4 day week, I wouldn’t be picking her up till 445ish, thereby not getting home till 6, on a good day.

Basically… do I give up any real time with her for 9 days and deal with a guarantee much more hectic and much more frustrating rush hour drive so that I can have 1 full day with her, in addition to the weekends?

I have a ton of people telling me YES! DO IT! But I have some that say NO! And this weekend, I’ve gone back and forth with YES! DO IT! And NO!

And I’m really thinking it’s going to be a NO! (Probably doesn’t help that I watched My Sister’s Keeper over the weekend!!)

Am I totally nuts? I’m possibly giving up on a chance to have 1 full day with Lovie every other week! What’s wrong with me?! I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me: I just can’t fathom spending any LESS time with Lovie on those 9 days. I can’t do it. Maybe when she’s 14 I’ll change my mind, but right now I need every moment I can get with her every day- not just every other week.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll try it out since that’s an option (to try it for two weeks). It’ll be my luck though that’ll it’ll be OK and I’ll sign up to do this and then after their “trial period” (end of year), the company will decided to stop offering it.

So if you’re a working mom, and assuming this was a do or don’t thing and there was no option to test it out, do you think you’d sign up for it?

June 27, 2010


Don't wake the baby.

If I could, I'd get on in there with her and snuggle up right next to her. My little baby doll Lovie.

June 25, 2010


I posted this a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page: TGIF and TGFMBBG (thank God for my beautiful baby girl) who I thank God for every.second.of.every.day!

It's the truth, too. 

She's just... so... unbelievably... words can't really describe it... amazing.

Such a blessing.


My baby doll.

Work's been a little crazy lately, but I think about posting often. I have a lot of things rumbling around this brain and I just need to find some time to sift through it all... For now, I'll just say that my sweet Lovie was in an exceptional mood this morning. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that she went to sleep last night at 7 without any fussing and slept the whole night through until 5am.  God, I love mornings with her.  Even if she's sound asleep and I have to wake her (which I'm not a fan of doing but don't have a choice most weekday mornings), she *always* has a smile on her face.  But this morning was a bit different. She was ... giddy, if it's possible for a baby to be giddy! Just all smiles and giggles and talking.  In fact she said her second "word" this morning after breakfast: Baba (her first was Dada on Father's Day no less!). But, again, we're pretty certain she's just making noises and not really realizing that that noise can be a word used to communicate.

Man I just love this kid.


June 22, 2010

Here we go again.

It's official. I'm in the midst of sickness number four since starting back to work and putting Lovie in daycare four months ago. So I should expect to feel like ass at least once a month then?  And this is in addition to  Aunt Flo visits, too. FUN!!


So yesterday they let us out of work early because the power went out and there was no a/c. That means I got to pick up my Lovie a couple hours early! HOORAH!! When I walked into her room, she was sitting in a high chair (my big girl) whining. HahaHehe. She was looking at one of the teachers and whining to her - that's why I found it funny. Because I know my girl and my girl was telling this teacher she was hungry.  And I want my baby doll to speak up if she wants something. ;)

I put my bag down and said, "Oh what's wrong, baby girl?" Her eyes left the focus on the teacher and her whole body shifted to the entrance of the room. Once she saw me her face lit up.

Angel's sing.

"Why are you whining?" I said as her arms and legs started to go all crazy with excitement and a big smile covered her face. "Are you hungry?"

Again her arms and legs were all crazy and her little pursed mouth was making Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm sounds.  Don't get me wrong. These Mmmm sounds aren't like Mmmmm Good and Tasty, but rather Mmmm!!!! Mmmmm!!!!  Does that make any sense? Probably not but it's not a satisfactory sound, but rather a OMGI'MSOHUNGRY sound. :D

The teacher told me they were about to feed her but it could wait if I wanted. I told her I would feed her. And I did. And she gobbled the carrots all up like a big, good girl.

All the while one little girl, much bigger than Lovie so I'd have to put her at or very near 1, was screaming. And I mean screaming. She wasn't crying as there were no tears, she was just plain unhappy. And she was in one of the jumperoo things.  Apparently, the teachers were ordered by this child's mother that the girl is to stay in the jumperoo or the high chair at all times.


I started to get upset when they told me this. I mean, here I am feeding my Lovie and then picking her up all while this poor child is screaming because she can't move any more than the stupid jumperoo would allow. All because the teachers are doing what they're told by the parent.

Apparently the girl has become quite mobile with her crawling and is thereby getting hurt a lot so to avoid the scratches and bumps and bruises, the parent has ordered that she stay in the jumperoo or high chair at all times whilst there.


I'm sorry. I know my baby doll is only (almost) 6 months old and isn't crawling yet (though she's getting super damn close which is freaking me), but I EXPECT that once she starts becoming more mobile that things will start happening.  Isn't that par for the friggin course?!?

I was really upset by this news. Not only do I have to listen to this poor child scream, but so do the teachers- only they have to listen to it ALL DAY LONG. All so the child doesn't CRAWL?!


The more she screamed the more my blood boiled and the faster I needed to leave before I started releasing that boil! Wow. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to hold my tongue today if the same thing happens when I pick up Lovie.

I'll probably be too wrapped up into the fact that my head feels like it's under water to focus on anything else.

June 21, 2010

How I spent the weekend before Summer's start.

We survived the weekend and all I got was this crappy head cold to show for it! Grrr. I should've known, really. Late last week, I found myself asleep on the couch after Lovie was put to bed- and her bedtime is 7!  Being ridiculously tired is always my first sign of a sickness about to knock me out.

Saturday we went to look at a couple apartments (one awful, one perfect- but too small!) and then went to a baby shower for the husband's cousin and his baby mama. What a fucking waste of a day. The invite said 2-6 so we show up at 210 and the guest of honor showed up at ... wait for it ... 420!!  I was pretty steamed and felt pretty fucking insulted to be honest. Just rude.  If it were my family, I'm pretty sure I would've left.  But then again, if it were my family, it wouldn't have gone down like that. There's just no excuse. Particularly when we find out that the mom-to-be lives 5 minutes away from the venue.  RUDE!

My MIL showed up after 3 (and the whole day was a reminder and an understanding of sorts as to why she showed up to my shower two hours late), saw us (there was one other person there on time), walked right up to us, put her purse down, and took my Lovie out of my hands without saying anything.  I understand she loves and adores Lovie and that she's her only grandbaby but come on!  Say something before just yanking her out of my arms.  And the next time I was actually able to see my baby and hold her (to change her diaper of course) she smelled like MIL: gnarly old lady perfume and moth balls. FUCK!!!

What is it with women and their perfume?!  Why the hell does perfume even exist?  I haven't worn any since I was like 13. Because it stinks. And it always makes me sneeze or gag. Always. Just slap on some fucking deodorant like the rest of us, would you?!  UCK!!

When we finally left the stupid shower, we had to head over to my dad's place to do the Father's Day thing with him.  It was almost 7 already!  Wha?!?!  After an hour and a half or so we were on our way home.

Lovie was incredible the whole day despite only napping for half an hour or so at the shower.  She fell asleep while we were at my dads and then went straight to bed when we got home... but she did end up waking at  3, 330, 4 and 6 for the day. Yikes.  That's when I started feel my head pounding and my throat closing.  Fortunately Lovie's able to play independently so I let her do so in her pack n play and in the Jumperoo before breakfast and her first nap of the day. And when she was down for her nap (in the swing), I placed the husband's gift (a framed collage of photos of him and Lovie since her birth) and a card on his office chair and laid down on the couch next to Lovie in the swing. It was 8am.

At around 11, Lovie was still swinging and napping and I was asleep on the couch next to her when I hear sniffing.  I get up to find the husband in the office with tears streaming down his face (he'd probably kill me if he knew I was blogging about this). He found his gift and LOVED it. That or he was just so disgusted by it that it brought him to tears.

Lovie said her first real words yesterday, too: Da da da da was heard as she and her daddy were playing. The husband and I chuckled about it because while it was clear that she said "Da Da", it was was also clear that she had no clue what she was saying. But the timing of it happening on Father's Day was just priceless!

For lunch, I treated to Fogo de Chao which was a hit as always.

Lovie was, again, such a good girl. She sat in a high chair (first time in a restaurant) the whole time! My BIG GIRL! Everybody passing by stopped to tell us how cute she is. One woman even said, "I just have to say she's the cutest baby I think I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of babies in my life!"

At one point when I was holding her near the end of lunch, she was very smiley and chatty with the people sitting next to us. The people were enamored by her, laughing and talking to her, and exclaiming, "I swear she just said Hi!"

I swear she does, too. That and I Love You.  I swear she's talking already in addition to sitting and practically crawling. And she's not even 6 months old yet!  INSANITY.

And now I have to drown myself in water and hot tea and pray I can wash the shit that's in my head out so that I don't miss a single thing with Lovie... the countdown to her Half Birthday has officially begun: 8 more days!!

June 18, 2010

Fa Fa Fa Friday!

The Girl Creative

Hi Friends, new and old, real and online! How stupidly excited am I to think that I may get my 50th follower today? I hope so!

Lisa at Pursuit of Happiness is doing something pretty coolio in honor of Father's Day on Sunday and I thought I'd follow suit!

My dad, my nephew, and nephew's girlfriend at a MLS team vs. AC Milan (Italy) Football (Soccer) match, 6/2010

10 unique things about my Papa:
  • He was born and raised in Sicily, Italy coming to the US when he was in 20s- making me a first generation born American (my momma was born and raised in Austria)
  • His love of (the real) Football (aka soccer) turned us all into passionate, soccer loving people
  • He talks with a thick accent which is fun to mock
  • He taught me to drive when I was 11 by letting me do so in cemeteries
  • He makes the best fried artichokes
  • He introduced me to NUTELLA when I was tiny
  • He let me have some wine with 7up as a kid
  • He has green eyes - as do I
  • He can make any baby smile and laugh
  • His love for family inspires me daily

June 17, 2010

Warning: Cursing inside

I’m in a weird mood.

Work was crazy busy this morning and it has nothing to do with me, yet I have to be the one to come up with the answers. Make sense? No, not to me either! Fuckers.

Went to the bathroom moments ago and saw blood. WTF? I thought I stopped bleeding last night and now there’s blood on my panties again. Seriously. It’s bad enough I gotta deal with this shit every month, can’t it just be consistent?! Bleed or don’t bleed. Don’t fucking tease me by letting me go 15 hours with no bleeding. Bitch.

Yesterday’s mail included two handwritten pieces addressed to both me and my husband. No mention of Lovie. One was an invite to a wedding shower, the other was the invite to the wedding. It doesn’t say “no kids” but it’s pretty implied, I think. I know when I got married, I was all for having kids (to me, personally, weddings are a big family thing and family means kids- and yes, we paid for our own wedding in its entirety tyvm) attend and addressed the invite to Smith Family... and since these invites in yesterday's mail were only addressed to the hubs and I, I have to assume that means no Lovie.


I know lots and lots and lots of people would jump at the chance at having a night out without the kid. But I’m not one of those people. I’ve waited such a long ass time to be a parent and I just want to parent, by god. I don’t want a break. I get one every fucking day I come to work. I miss my baby doll so much. Even when I’m with her I miss her. And now I have to miss her not once but twice coming up? WTF?!

Pre-Lovie, I would’ve thought that I just wouldn’t go to the event, but I really like the people who are getting married – well, at least the bride to be since I don’t know the groom to be. I really want to be there to show my support and share in this glorious time with them. But I also want to be with my Lovie and my Lovie comes first. Always.

Does that mean I don’t go? OMG, I don’t know!! I have to go. I want to go. But … MAN THIS GROWN UP SHIT IS HARD SOMETIMES!

June 15, 2010

GASP: Adorable with a capital F

When I was pregnant - like every other parent-to-be out there -  I wondered what Lovie would look like... or rather, who.  Would she have her daddy's dark skin, big almond shaped brown eyes, long large nose, and perfect lips? Would she have her momma's light skin, tiny green eyes, little nose, and perfect lips?  I guess the lip part would be taken care of since we both have perfect lips, huh?

Then when they placed her in my arms (I had a c-section), I nearly gasped. Actually maybe I did gasp for real.

She was SO incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. 

And she looked just like me.

Hahahaha! But honest to god that's not why I thought she was so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful.  Looking like me has nothing to do with it, oddly.

My husband kept commenting - and still does today - how much she looks like me and how cute she is. And she is. I don't think she's as much of a Pretty baby as she is Adorable. And, really, it's more than just Adorable. She's Adorable with a capital F!  Seriously!

Anyway... I had my mom take some pics of my baby pics because I don't have any and she lives 60 miles away. She did and uploaded to Facebook. The images aren't very clear but when I saw one of them of me on a swing, I nearly... gasped again:

That's me on the left circa 1972 a long time ago and that's Lovie on the right from 2.5 weeks ago.

June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

I got AF last night. Again. WTF.

I prepared Lovie's bottles last night for today's daycare. Like I do every single night. Only this time I left them sit on the counter all night long. WTF.

I have horrid cramps- in the front and the back. WTF.

The highway ramp I use to get on to the expressway in the morning and off in the evening is closed for who knows how long for repair. WTF.

It's Monday. WTF.


All I have to do is look at, or think about, this baby doll of mine:

She's sitting in her crib in this picture. She's been sitting unassisted for about three weeks now. It started out slowly and she'd topple over after a couple seconds. Then she was able to stay up for about 30 seconds and last week she was able to sit for several minutes before flopping over.

Then this past weekend, we were visiting her grandfather and we had Lovie sit on the floor and play with a soccer ball (it's World Cup time dontcha know!). Twenty minutes later she was still SITTING there trying to get this ginormous ball into her mouth.

Then yesterday the same thing: she just sits and plays with stuff. And is content as can be. In fact, I'd venture to guess that she's even happier these days then in days past and she's been a pretty happy baby since birth!

We're so blessed.

So F off Monday Morning Madness!!

June 11, 2010


I don't know what it is this morning but it's taking everything in me not to cry right now... not like sad tears just... ack... I dunno. I'm just weepy right now (PMS?!??).

This morning when I dropped off Lovie, like every morning, she's all smiley and happy. She absolutely loves her morning teacher. This girl (23) is SO sweet and good with these kids. Maybe it's just a show but I think I have a good read on most people. And she adores Lovie and Lovie adores her.... so much so that her face lights up and when Charice, the teacher, says "Are you ready for school?" and her arms go up and to the side - her way of saying Pick Me Up/Hold me (cuz she doesn't quite know to lift them straight up like most kids do when they want up- if that makes sense).


I'm happy Lovie likes them and they like her, but it just like hurts sometimes because *I* want to play with her and watch her learn and grow.

The other thing is that she's sitting now.

Like sitting!!

You put her in place and she sits there and gets so excited. She'll stay for SEVERAL MINUTES and when she's tired and flops over she goes onto her belly... and ... STARTS LIFTING HER BUTT INTO THE AIR WITH HER LEGS AND FEET.

I swear to god she's going to start scooching and crawling soon!!!

She's only 5.5 months old!!!

And, she STTN again last night, too...
and doesn't seem to care for peaches! (weirdo)
and I found her this morning in the complete opposite direction from where she was laid down last night...

My baby girl is getting sooooo big, soooo fast!

Yesterday during our drive home after work and school, I saw this (what I would call) Punk Girl, who looked to be about 15 tops, walking with this Punk Boy, about the same age.  They were walking down the street coming toward us (we were stopped at a red light). I watched as they walked and noticed how close they walked to one another, how both had big smiles on their faces, how no hands were touching or anything. I imagined it to be the start of a budding relationship... and then I thought, "My god, one day that will be Lovie!" which led me to wonder how parents let their kids... live... when they get older. How do they find the trust- not in their own child but in the rest of this sometimes fucked up world?!? How do they believe their child will be able to do good things and fight the bad? How do they let them out of their sight?!?!


I just try to push those feelings and thoughts out of my head and try to just focus on the now.  Because right now, my baby doll is growing so fast and I just want to savor every.single.fucking.precious.moment I have right now with her.

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, next month.

Because before I know it, she's going to be walking down the street next to a boy.

June 9, 2010

Trendy Confession

The Trendy Part of this post:

Katie at Desperate for Coffee (please check her out... if you're into honest writing) nominated me for the Trendy Blog Award.

To receive this award, promise to share this with 10 other blogs that you think are Trendy too.
*Post about your award in your blog.
*Share with the bloggers.
*Ask them they need to give this award out to 10 as well.

So, the ten blogs I'm passing this on to...

Peppermint Bee
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The Pursuit of Happiness
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La Buena Vida
The Baker's Family Blog

Now for the confession part:

If you counted, I didn't include 10 blogs to pass this award on to? FOR SHAME!!


Couple reasons: I'm at work (where I do most of my blogging, sadly) and the computer is a piece of shit. I know I've bitched about it before but it's worth mentioning again... because it is. A piece of shit. And that's frustrating as hell.

Some blogs I try to visit... I just don't get it.  I think it's bigger blogs or blogs with advertising or something. I'm not really sure. But when I go visit a blog (and it's never happened with a website other than a blog!), that blog will suddenly appear in three billion different tabs in my browser and my computer will freeze.

Sometimes I really feel like I'm losing my mind when this happens - and it's just NOT cool to happen when working. What happens if someone walks by or, I dunno, I need to do some work and my computer has three billion tabs open to a blog and no other program can hide it?

As much as I hate being a working mom, I need my job right now.

So yeah. I was nominated the other week for this award and tried playing, but again, I had the problem with the gazillion tabs opening thereby freezing my computer thing so I just gave up.


Anyway, the most important part of this entry ... 


Gah I have chills after listening to those.

June 8, 2010


Yahoo, I got another blog award (I apologize for not playing last week or the week before- my computer at work has been acting up horribly).  Sara at Unofficial Mom passed this on to me and I dig her (check her and her scrumptious Pie out!!) and I dig the rules to this one (and my computer is behaving today) so... here goes nothing! :)

So the rules are that I have to make up…I mean tell you…10 interesting things about myself, and then pass the award along to other great bloggers. The 10 things is going to be hard (and probably not so interesting, eh)…but here they are, in no particular order:

1. I went to four different high schools and didn’t graduate on stage as a result.

2. I lost my virginity in my early 20s, yet still manged to have a one night stand before meeting my husband.

3. I didn’t use a tampon until I was in my early 30s.

4. I used to smoke pot. A lot.

5. I became a great-aunt before I was married and before I had a child of my own.

6. I got caught shoplifting when I was 10. I was stealing a pen. I’ve always loved pens and writing.

7. I can never have enough ice cream or Jays BBQ potato chips.

8. I contemplated suicide in my teens and sincerely feel that Bryan Adams’s music, writing, and my oldest nephew saved me.

9. I’m an avid soccer fan.

10.  I'm a landlord, yet we rent the place we live in. (el stupido, i know!)

Still awake? :)  I'm sure these cool ladies will have some more interesting things to tell...

Katie at Desperate for Coffee
Heather at Life with the Ardies
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Sara at NinjaPanza
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Have fun- and thanks again to Sara at Unofficial Mom!
Don't really have much of anything right now.

Should try and do some more work today, I guess... and stop by and visit some blogs since I couldn't yesterday.

There's always Lovie though...

I could never grow tired of talking or thinking about my Lovie.

...8 more hours sweet baby girl, 8 more hours

June 7, 2010

well shit

it only took all friggin day (not because I'm busy but because of Blogger) to be able to get a post here in Blogger-land. BOOOOO!

sorry guys, will be by to visit tomorrow (or maybe later if Lovie needs a nap when we get home) because I tried stopping by and commenting on several blogs and the comments would not go through! :(

And speaking of shit, I have a diaper review from over the weekend:

I took some advice from some of you (re: tummy sleeping equaling a wet bed in the morning) and had the hubs pick up overnight or a size up diapers Friday on his way home. He brought home Pampers Overnight diapers just in time for Lovie’s bedtime. On went the overnight diaper, her pj’s and nighty night baby doll went. At 2 in the morning she started fussing loudly so I went to give her a binky and warm a bottle and immediately discovered she was soaked.


Prior to using the overnight diap, if she would leak through it wasn’t until the morning… so to find her at 2AM already very wet pissed me off- to be blunt.

We didn’t make it out of the house Saturday so I just put on a regular diaper Saturday night and changed it in the middle of the night when she woke for a bottle. Then yesterday we were out visiting my dad and stopped at Target and returned the shitty “overnight” diapers and got a pack of Pampers 2-3 (she’s in a size 2 normally and they didn’t have size 3).

Lovie STTN (slept through the night) and when she woke, I immediately felt around and found everything dry.

Hoorah for the little things like not having to wrestle with changing sheets on a Monday!

June 4, 2010

Friendly Blog Hop Friday

The Girl Creative 

Thought I'd join the New Friend Friday peeps at The Girl Creative again : ) as well as Blog Hop Friday! (I sure hope it's OK to join both of these at the same time.)

Would love to make new blog friends... I only ask that if you do decide to follow me (which would be awesome) that you let me know your blog (if it's not in your profile) so that I can do the same! I LOVE the blogosphere and try reading (and commenting on) as many as I can.

Oh and if you're new (or not), don't forget to check out some pics of my adorable 5 month old... if she doesn't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what will! ; )

Happy Friday!

(sheesh, sorry for all the parentheses in this post)

Tummy Sleeping: Pros and Cons

For the past several weeks, Lovie's been flipping over like a fish outta water as soon as we lay her down for the night. She ends up spending the rest of the night on her tummy, and since she gets herself into that position, we leave her. Clearly she's turned into a tummy sleeper like her momma.

  • sleeps longer and harder
  • hair is growing into bald spot on back of head
  • she's exceptionally cute in the morning when she pops her head up to say good morning
  • we've had several soaked diapers, pj's, sheets
  • if she spits up, she lays in it!
  • boogers!
The Cons list really bugs me but I can't really do anything about it. If she wakes at night for a bottle (which she has been the past week again), I try to change her diaper which will help with the leaking. The boogers... god I have issues with boogers. I'll change her shitty diapers any day of the week but I really hate the boogers. And the other day there was one stuck to the sheet. Gag.  I made the old man get it off because I was too lazy to change the sheets (it's a pain in the ass to change the sheets because of the stupid bumpers- but of course I change them every other week unless there's an accident).

What a stupid post for a Friday... or any day for that matter. Whatever. I'm a bit salty today for some reason. This is all I have right now.

June 3, 2010

I'm back.

The Bitch is Back.

Ha! Love this song, this man- particularly live.

So our annivacation... it was awesome.  Lovie was a doll, as always.  We did have to resort to using teething tablets a couple times, but other than that, she was a dream.

She slept in the PeaPod - an in/outdoor tent for babies up to age 3. I highly highly highly recommend getting this if you travel (and if you don't cosleep).

We were a bit worried about how she might (or might not) nap since she naps in the swing and we were not about to take that along (among all the other crap we brought)... but Lovie was just awesome regarding absolutely everything. Honest to god, sometimes I really and truly do believe we have the perfect baby doll.

Goin for the gold! (first time in the pool was a big success!)

And now...

Now I miss her like crazy.

It took everything in me not to burst into tears this morning when I left her at daycare.