June 25, 2010


I posted this a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page: TGIF and TGFMBBG (thank God for my beautiful baby girl) who I thank God for every.second.of.every.day!

It's the truth, too. 

She's just... so... unbelievably... words can't really describe it... amazing.

Such a blessing.


My baby doll.

Work's been a little crazy lately, but I think about posting often. I have a lot of things rumbling around this brain and I just need to find some time to sift through it all... For now, I'll just say that my sweet Lovie was in an exceptional mood this morning. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that she went to sleep last night at 7 without any fussing and slept the whole night through until 5am.  God, I love mornings with her.  Even if she's sound asleep and I have to wake her (which I'm not a fan of doing but don't have a choice most weekday mornings), she *always* has a smile on her face.  But this morning was a bit different. She was ... giddy, if it's possible for a baby to be giddy! Just all smiles and giggles and talking.  In fact she said her second "word" this morning after breakfast: Baba (her first was Dada on Father's Day no less!). But, again, we're pretty certain she's just making noises and not really realizing that that noise can be a word used to communicate.

Man I just love this kid.



  1. Your optimism and joy is starting to rub off on me : )

    Super cute with the little bows!

  2. What a great way to start your morning. That's probably the thing I look most forward to on the weekend...being with Pie in the morning.


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