June 18, 2010

Fa Fa Fa Friday!

The Girl Creative

Hi Friends, new and old, real and online! How stupidly excited am I to think that I may get my 50th follower today? I hope so!

Lisa at Pursuit of Happiness is doing something pretty coolio in honor of Father's Day on Sunday and I thought I'd follow suit!

My dad, my nephew, and nephew's girlfriend at a MLS team vs. AC Milan (Italy) Football (Soccer) match, 6/2010

10 unique things about my Papa:
  • He was born and raised in Sicily, Italy coming to the US when he was in 20s- making me a first generation born American (my momma was born and raised in Austria)
  • His love of (the real) Football (aka soccer) turned us all into passionate, soccer loving people
  • He talks with a thick accent which is fun to mock
  • He taught me to drive when I was 11 by letting me do so in cemeteries
  • He makes the best fried artichokes
  • He introduced me to NUTELLA when I was tiny
  • He let me have some wine with 7up as a kid
  • He has green eyes - as do I
  • He can make any baby smile and laugh
  • His love for family inspires me daily


  1. What a sweet post. I may have to steal this one outright!!

  2. I love this post, such a nice thing for you daddy. I also may have to "copy" this. I follow you already but visiting from NFF.

  3. You rebel! Driving when you were 11? Does that mean Sabrina will start driving then too? I know, over your dead body, right?? : )


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