June 15, 2010

GASP: Adorable with a capital F

When I was pregnant - like every other parent-to-be out there -  I wondered what Lovie would look like... or rather, who.  Would she have her daddy's dark skin, big almond shaped brown eyes, long large nose, and perfect lips? Would she have her momma's light skin, tiny green eyes, little nose, and perfect lips?  I guess the lip part would be taken care of since we both have perfect lips, huh?

Then when they placed her in my arms (I had a c-section), I nearly gasped. Actually maybe I did gasp for real.

She was SO incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. 

And she looked just like me.

Hahahaha! But honest to god that's not why I thought she was so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful.  Looking like me has nothing to do with it, oddly.

My husband kept commenting - and still does today - how much she looks like me and how cute she is. And she is. I don't think she's as much of a Pretty baby as she is Adorable. And, really, it's more than just Adorable. She's Adorable with a capital F!  Seriously!

Anyway... I had my mom take some pics of my baby pics because I don't have any and she lives 60 miles away. She did and uploaded to Facebook. The images aren't very clear but when I saw one of them of me on a swing, I nearly... gasped again:

That's me on the left circa 1972 a long time ago and that's Lovie on the right from 2.5 weeks ago.


  1. Wow...you really do look alike! And you're right. Adorable with a capital F! Lovie is jut too cute!! Husband and I had lots of those discussions about Pie. Her birthfather is African American and Chinese and her birthmother is White and Native American, so we had NO idea what to expect...the wondering was fun.

  2. Awesome! I've been meaning to do this with a picture of my hubs... I swear they look just alike.

    Great photos!

  3. You are so right! She's freakin adorable =)

    Happy WW!


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