November 29, 2010


Lovie's 1st Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving playing host was pretty freaking wonderful. Lovie showed everyone (MIL, FIL, BIL, H's two cousins) her new trick (walking) and everyone was pretty impressed. She was definitely the star of the day. But of course. And she ate like a champ- nomming up everything including the H's turkey and mashed potatoes and my stuffing and green bean casserole. She even ate it all up again the next two days. Mmmmm love Thanksgiving!

Friday was spent around the house for the most part except for dropping off and then later picking up my car that got its front brakes replaced. Following the pickup of my car, we headed to the Home Depot where Lovie got to experience her first taste of Christmas decor. And she LOVED it. She was so excited and giddy over all the lights and music. I let her choose between a Santa or a Snowman door stuffed face with a bell (not sure how else to explain it, eh) and she went gaga over Santa. Her face just lit up and she started shaking it and was just so stinkin' happy.

And as we perused the decor, I found myself incredibly happy. Like this happy energy sort of enveloped me and all I could do was smile. A couple times I even found myself welling up with happiness. And then it dawned on me: I've been a big fat scrooge the past umpteen years during the holidays. Only this year it's completely different. And I like it.

I'm actually looking forward to Christmas and New Year's. Because of her. I was very pregnant with my Lovie last Christmas. Very pregnant. And ready. This year she's this little person already who can enjoy the lights and music and crinkly paper and glittered bows and...

"It's the most wonderful time... of the year!!!"

It is, too! OMG I'm so incredibly blessed!!

Saturday I woke up and still felt this euphoria around me. Honest to god, it felt so great and I sappily updated my Facebook status (something I don't do too often) reflecting on how I was feeling. Comments and Likes rolled in and the tears streamed down my face.

I'm just so incredibly blessed! I just don't know what else to say or how else to describe this!

We spent all day inside playing and playing and playing. Oh god if only I could bottle up the sounds from the day... the giggles, the laughter, the jibber jabber. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

When Lovie napped, I worked on a hat that I've wanting to make her...

only I made the first one for her cousin who was visiting from Texas though the picture is of my Lovie of course.

It was the first knitting project I've picked up and completed since pregnancy induced carpal tunnel stopped me from knitting. And how fucking cute is that hat?

Sunday we visited my mom and grandmother because my brother was stopping there on his way into town from Texas. While waiting for them to arrive, Lovie chased after my mom (seriously couldn't get enough of her- even whined to be near her!!), played some sort of patty cake with my grandmother, then CLAPPED for the first time.

She also started pointing yesterday, too.

So yeah, in the last week, Lovie's main mode of mobility is via walking (and almost running at times- oy!), and she's also clapping and pointing, too.

Could she be any more incredible?

Today, Miss Lovie turns 11 months and the countdown begins until she's the big ONE.

November 22, 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: EYES

She may look like me (according to the hubs) but I thank God she's got his big eyes... So in love with my brown eyed girl!

The Paper Mama

weekend update

The weekend was a success but far too short. Me no likey how friggin fast they fly by. So unfair. At least this is only a 3-day week, though.

Saturday we went to a fundraiser for my cousin's baby, Tyler. I posted about him a while back and I really believe everyone's positive energy helped this boy receive a liver transplant and heal. It's truly remarkable the way people have supported my cousin and her family. Friends of theirs got together and formed a fundraiser and it was beyond amazing. I'm not sure how the moms (yes, my cousin and her partner are the moms to Tyler and his older brother- both being born via IVF) didn't lose it on Saturday. I would've been sobbing most of the day if all those people were there for me and my baby. Seriously it was one of the most incredible things I've ever been part of- and it really shined some light on the fact that not all of the human race sucks.

Lovie had a blast at the fundraiser, too. We got there about an hour after it started- people were everywhere, music was playing. I think it was a little overwhelming for her at first because she clung to me, the poor thing. My dad greeted us and immediately wanted Lovie but she refused and just buried her head into me- something she's never done in her near 11 months.

When we got to an open table, I put Lovie down and she stood for about 5 minutes looking around. Just stood there. It was very cute. Then, all of sudden, she started DANCING of course. Why not? Ha! She stood and danced by way of bouncing up and down for a good 5 or 10 minutes more. People started swarming around us to watch her. It was insanely cute. She just kept on bouncing away.

There were about 5 or 6 little kids around, but Lovie was definitely the youngest. Most of the kids were boys and she just jumped right in with them and wanted to play. Of course they didn't want any part of it so she waited till they ran to play in another area before stealing one of their trucks and playing.

Again, many people commented on how cute she was (my cousin at one point picked her up and started playing with her and kept saying, "she's so fucking cute.") and that we needed to get her a truck. And we do because she played with that thing for like an hour.

She spent most of the time crawling around (with the truck- or after the boys), but she also walked if her hand was held. She just played and played and played. Finally at 6, we left and baby girl passed out in the car and ended up sleeping until about 430 in the morning!

Yesterday we played a lot. The hubs and I should've spent any of her naptime cleaning, but we didn't. Not really. And when Lovie was awake, she was so stinkin' happy and very independently playing. Most of the day was spent walking yesterday.  Up till yesterday, she would crawl everywhere and then pull up to stand and then take a step or two.  Yesterday was completely opposite... all day long. She just walked and walked and walked! It was pretty awesome to see her get more confidence. And, of course she's super happy about her new trick.

I don't consider her a Walker yet, but she's definitely getting there! And time certainly isn't waiting on us as we're a week away from 11 months, a month and a week away from 1 year!! 


Happy Monday

November 19, 2010


I'm pretty fortunate.

As much as I don't want to be at work (who does?), I've got it made pretty good here.

I had my review yesterday and I was a little afraid of what might be said because ever since Lovie's been born... I've changed. Quite a bit. And it's effecting my work life, too.

See, I don't really give a shit about anyone or anything- other than Lovie- anymore.

She's everything to me.

I realize how ... insane ... that may sound. So I'm hoping because I realize it's a little crazy- my absolute addiction to this child- that means I'm not really insane. KWIM? I mean, do crazy folk know they're crazy?

Yeah anyway, I've fucked up several times since coming back to work in early March. Several times. I went from never screwing up (seriously) to fucking up more than once. And that's costly for us.

You add that to the fact that things in the department have drastically changed and we don't make but half of what we used to and I'm really surprised I still have a job.

That's why I'm pretty fortunate.

Bossman happens to be a dad of 3 and he's one of those really involved dads... like, he's off on Halloween if it falls during the workweek.  I was hoping this would work well for me, and it has. Thankfully.

We talked about how it's been since being back and it's really the first time I've really thought about it and realized how much I've changed. (Of course I didn't tell him that I could give a rat's ass about what I do and if I fuck up. I mean, I don't like fucking up, but it's not like I'm saving lives here. There's really nothing to stress over. It's not like I can go back in time and fix what I broke.)  And admitting that out loud to him- that I've changed and "lost focus"??? That was some hard shit to say out loud to my Boss! I actually welled up! (But I'm a wuss so really that wasn't so shocking.)

But he was really cool about it... telling me that he understood, telling me that they were there to work with me, that they don't expect things to be perfect all the time, that we're all only human, that if I need to take time off (I have very little due to using it all during maternity leave) to let him know, etc.  I was really kind of touched.

Too bad I still don't give a rat's ass.

I just want my Lovie.

November 18, 2010

THE Party

I'm so excited!

The place is booked, the invites are in. All that's left is addressing the invites, slapping stamps on the envelopes and dropping them in the mail. And order a cake. And that's really about it. Well, and decide what pizza's to serve. Ok now that's really about it. For real.

I can't even convey how stinkin' happy this makes me feel... like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders... like I can exhale.


So.. check it:

the decor where THE party will be held (yes, the walls, et al are graffiti-ized- who needs streamers and shit?)
the food that will be served at THE party
(yes, friends, that's CHICAGO STYLE deep dish pizza- though there will also be thin crust and pan crust available as well)

ooooo unlimited pop will be available at THE party (yes, even clear pop- and water, too!)

the Costco cake that will be served at THE party (yes, with that design but with my kid's info)

I can't believe that in one month from today, a photographer will be coming to the house to shoot my Lovie for her 1st birthday pictures... 11 days before she turns ONE... 14 days before THE party of the year.


I'm so glad to have all this taken care of already. It's such a relief not to have to spend the next 40 something days stressed over every little tiny thing.  It's costing us a couple extra pennies to do this outside, but the fact that we won't have to worry about setup or cleanup... priceless, to me.  Because it means we get more time with the love of our lives... who'll be ONE... in 42 days.

November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Now what?

FTR she normally uses this as a push toy but I turned it into the ride on, placed her on it, and was pushing her around until I got my camera to snap a couple pictures.

November 16, 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Cozy

Makes you wanna go and get yourself into a pair of footed pj's yourself, no?

The Paper Mama

November 15, 2010

It really doesn't matter

I'm beyond exhausted right now but it really doesn't matter.
I could go on and on about how sucktastically awful the weekend was- but it really doesn't matter.
I could tell you how my Lovie was feverish when I picked her up Friday from daycare and how she slept in the car and then again when we got home at 445 and didn't wake until 2am for a bottle... I could tell you how she was feverish on and off all day Saturday and how she took THREE very long naps after sleeping 15 hours (excluding waking to eat) Friday night... I could go on about how yesterday she was in better spirits but I wasn't and still am not because of this horrific cough that's invaded my body. Again.

I could go on and on about all of that and about how we have raccoons that party on our roof every night keeping us up and that the stupid landlord thinks it's just one little raccoon and that it's not a big deal when we're up every mofo night trying to scare them off.

But none of it matters... all that matters is her:

As long as she does her thing and smiles and has fun, then all is good in the world.

November 11, 2010

The Paper Mama Holiday Card Challenge 2010

The Paper Mama

So I'm totally new to this whole altering photos thing. I mean, I've added text to photos or gotten rid of a zit or ten on Photoshop (but that's at home and I'm very rarely on the computer when I'm home, remember?!) but nothing to the extent of altering it like I did for this challenge. But WHAT STINKIN' FUN! I'm so glad I found this challenge and The Paper Mama because of it.

Most of it was done in boring Paint but, considering that fact, I think it turned out pretty gosh darn OK if I do say so myself. Eek!

What do you think?

hehe, I'm *seriously* considering printing these and sending them out to some folk who I know would get a kick out of it... : D

Secret Thursday: POLL

Another Thursday, another It's Secret Thursday post.

Except I don't have any secrets... none that I care sharing at least.

So I'm hoping you'll share a secret with me, instead. See the POLL on the left of the page there? Please answer it, if you'd be so kind: DO YOU MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG?

I have no desire to be the world's most popular blog, but if I can make some $$ while blogging, then why not?  I'm just curious to see how many people that read my non-money making blog make money off of their own blogs. I'm *really* curious to know HOW you make money on your blog but I guess we'll leave that one for another time...

November 9, 2010

Daycare Woes *edited- ha!*

So there's this teacher at Lovie's daycare, we'll refer to her as "Red". I'm not sure how long she's been there but I didn't start seeing her until just the past two months or so. To be blunt, I don't care for her. At all. And I'm doing my best not to let it get to me but there's just something about her that really rubs me the wrong way (and I'm generally a very good judge of character).

See, Red never ever ever greets me in the morning when Lovie and I arrive. She sits her happy pasty white ass in the chair at the only table in the room which I need to utilize to date Lovie's bottles and just ignores us. I understand not wanting to be all chatty first thing in the morning (630ish) since she's not Lovie's teacher but, um, if you're gonna sit there and be in my way, an acknowledgement (you know- nod your head, make eye contact, SOMETHING) would be nice. She never says boo to Lovie either. She just sits there and stuffs her face with a bagel and talks to the other teachers who are Lovie's teachers or a couple other kids who are generally there (older and able to communicate).

I could let all this go. I could and I have. Ignore me... fine. Ignore my kid... and my eye is on you but I can still let it go because I'm confident in Lovie's teachers.

But then there was a week several weeks ago when she was acting director. I wasn't seeing her in the morning, but I was seeing and hearing her in the afternoon when I'd pick up Lovie. And every single day, she'd be all, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Like I was Bryan Adams or something! And each day I tried my best to ignore her but I just don't roll like that- not when someone says Hi. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated so because I would like others to acknowledge my existence, when they do, I can't ignore them.

But I felt sick every time I'd say Hi back. And in my head, I was all, "Yeah you can say Hi now to me you little bitch because you've got super powers now that you're director wannabe."

UGH. It's so silly, I realize this.

Anyway, for the past couple weeks, I just drop any eye contact should my eyes meet hers. Plus Lovie hasn't been at daycare too much the past month because of all the damn diarrhea so I just haven't seen her much or felt the attitude from Red.

Well now we're back to daycare this week. Today is day 2. And today was day 2 of Red ignoring us. And I've about had it. Seriously. She fucking sits there and talks shit about the older kids running around like I'm not even there ("Oh look at Lily's hair.. it looks... nice." Nice meaning "Nice- for once."). She ignores me and Lovie. I'm just really beyond being in 8th grade, frankly. I hated it then, I hate it tenfold now.

I'm SO close to snapping on her little ass. I mean, I'm all snarky in my head but I just zip my mouth shut. Why? Because a) I don't want Lovie to be a mean bitch like I can be, b) I don't want Lovie's teachers treating her differently, c) I'm just not one to stir the pot... unless it's about to boil. Then, for some reason, I'm fucking good at stirring the pot (I've gotten people fired, for example. Gross, I know!).

So. Do I...
  1. continue to let this shit boil inside of me
  2. snap on Red the next time I see fit
  3. say something to the director
  4. who the fuck cares

What would you do?

EDIT (or would this be an update or amended?? I think this is actually AMENDED!):

*so I wrote this post quickly then ran to lunch and on my way back (from checking out the pizza joint for Lovie's party), I realized that I probably sound like an idiot. I'm ranting over some little teenie bopper (OK maybe she's all of 20- sorry!) ignoring me and Lovie when she's not even Lovie's teacher. Who's the tool now? Ugh. Can I blame this rant on my period? Because I did just get it last night and I'm a bit... raged because of it.

November 8, 2010


Some good came out of the past five days dealing with Lovie's 2nd bout with diarrhea (in a month!)... aside from spending so much one on one time with the love of my life (though I will admit that I wanted to run far, far away by Friday night due to a horrific day of diaper changes and dealing with an unhappy baby's raw bottom) whom I miss so much more than usual now, as a result, I also made some calls and figured out what we're doing for her birthday AND I finished her invite- sort of!

There's a couple minor things I need to still change on the invite (like change it from Ms. to Miss) but for the most part, I just need to plug in the final location and get these printed.

Notice the LACK of Pink?!???? Aha, that's what makes me the happiest about these. Well, that, and the fact that it's adorned with three pics of my little cutie.

We've also made a decision regarding party details...

drumroll please

...we're doing a pizza party! Plain and simple: Pizza and Pop followed by cake at a pizza joint. That means setup and cleanup is all taken care of and all we do is show up (with a cake and some balloons and a banner perhaps), eat, open gifts, and go. Isn't that how it should be??

Now I'm getting super excited instead of just being anxious and whatnot. I'm finally sleeping without being consumed with her 1st party. It feels good to be honest. Real good. Eek. My baby doll's gonna be ONE in just 52 days!


I already ordered, received, washed and hung up her party dress (no pink- holla!)... just gotta pick which place we're going with and make a deposit, finish up and get the invites printed and mailed (probably try and shoot for getting these mailed just before Thanksgiving- may be a little early but who cares? have you seen the cuteness on that card?!), order a cake (nothing fancy- just a big ass 1 on a sheet cake with her name on it). That's really it. Then we'll pick up the cake and some balloons and off we'll go to the party.

For her actual birthday on Dec 29th, it'll just me, the hubs, and our doll at home with some presents, balloons, a cupcake, lots of pictures, and an insane amount of hugs and kisses, giggles and belly laughs!

: )

November 7, 2010

Holiday Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yesterday’s temps sure made it feel that way, at least. That, along with the time change and I couldn’t be happier. Love winter, love the holidays- and it’s mostly because of all the cards people send. 

For years now, the husband and I have been sending cards- except for last year. We decided that since our daughter was due around Christmas/New Years, we’d forgo the Christmas Cards and send out New Year’s/Birth Announcement cards. The original plan was to create and print our own but little did we know that a newborn baby does sort of put a kink into some ideas- and takes up some time that you once had oodles of.  And that’s where Shutterfly entered our lives!  

The whole experience was so easy and took so little time! I just created my account, uploaded the pictures, found the announcement we wanted, loaded the picture, typed in the text (wordy due to announcing the birth of our baby and wishing everyone a happy New Year), ordered and paid… and within a week or so, I had these gorgeous announcements that doubled as New Year’s cards. 

And I know they were a huge hit because I see them framed when visiting family and friends! So you best believe we’ll be going this route again for Christmas this year! I’ve actually got quite a few in mind already, though it wasn't so easy since there are seriously GOBS of awesome ones to choose from!

The first one shown is the one that popped out to both of us at first. But then I realized it was a flat card and I thought that we should do a folding card so we could write inside. And while the two folded ones shown are cute, I think we’re going to save us some time this year (goodness knows I can use some extra time!) and go with the one that we first were attracted to the most! Eek, I'm so excited now to find the perfect picture of us as a family to include... in our very first Holiday Card as a Family. Can't wait to get these ordered! One less thing to worry about and one more picture to see framed when visiting family!

Want to get your order on, too? Check out shutterfly! And, if you're a blogger and do a little post like this one, you can get 50 free holiday cards! Eek! Click HERE to get all the details.

November 5, 2010

effing ay

been away because Lovie's got diarrhea again and momma's about to go BSC.

pray for us.

we're doing pedialyte (with that Floritude or whatevertheef it's called- probiotics?- in the am and pm), rice, potatoes, bread, crackers, yogurt (only dairy approved), applesauce, and the like. but it all comes squirting out. and then there's the wrestle on the changing table and her poor bum. and oh lookie it's squirting out and hitting the wall, my hand, her clothes, the clean diaper. every single time.

this is for the birds. i'm friggin exhausted and poor Lovie's tired and starving.

November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday: Jesse Jackson is watching you!


1. So yesterday as I was rushing to pick up Lovie from daycare, I see this royal blue Honda Odyssey ahead of me with a picture of sorts smack dab in the center of the back window. The windows were darkly tinted so it was hard to make out the image- my immediate guess was a magazine cover that a teenie bopper placed...maybe that Justin Bieber character or something?

Eventually I ended up right behind the Odyssey at a red light and there he was, glaring back at me: Jesse Jackson. Huh, wah?! Why the ef is there a picture of Jesse Jackson smack dab in the center of this van's back window?  And that's when I noticed the best part of this little ... weirdness: the light was poking through from the front of the van and allowing me to see further into the van when my eyes met a camcorder.


Jesse and I had a staring contest and I was sure as shit that there was a camcorder to Jesse's side. It's view thinger was sticking out and it was pointed directly at me.


I dunno either.

Careful road ragers, Jesse Jackson is apparently watching (and recording) you. Is that (recording) even legal?!

FUCKING WEIRD is all I know about that.

2. I'm tired as shit. Again. I slept good till 3am when Lovie woke. I gave her a bottle, she snuggled into me, I laid her down, she was off in lalaland. I, on the other hand, tossed and turned once returning to bed. All I can think of these days is her mothereffing 1st birthday party and how we're going to afford feeding 60 people.

3. I need to find someone to color my hair. The grays aren't really even gray anymore. It's white. I have white hair. It's bad and I'm terrified someone will ask if Lovie is my grandbaby. And while she's grand and a baby, she's my daughter. I need to color my hair.

4. This little girl at Lovie's daycare better watch her back. She may be 3 and able to run, but Lovie's about to start walking (true story) and I have a feeling she'll be walking like she's been doing it forever and not like a weeble wobble. So Miss Sassypants who whines for Lovie to "leave [her] alone" better watch her back cuz my Lovie won't be taking no shit from no 3 year old. ;)

November 1, 2010

Speaking of Madness

It's Monday already = me tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.
It was a long weekend that flew by in a snap. Ridiculous.

Here's how it started this past Friday:

photo shoot for 10 Months (10/29)- after a day at school where there was trick or treating and hats and hoods being on the head, then off, then on, then off. she also peed on her costume so they sent her home in the pictured long sleeve onsie which is ours & a pair of 3-6 month brown pants with squirrels on them from some other kid. it was pretty ridiculous looking. & now that i think of it, i shoulda just left her in them for this pic as it woulda added nicely to the crazy hair, no?

And it ended with my Lovie in this year's Halloween costume having an explosive poop while in the back seat of the car. We were driving from lunch to my dad's place when I said, "Smells like poop," to the husband. He concurred. When we got to my dad's place and the husband went to take Lovie out of our two week old Britax, he said, "Why is my hand wet?"

He pulls her out and her yellow and orange tights that came with the costume (and are now in the garbage) were green to the back of one of her knees. FUN!

Needless to say I won't be selling her costume. I guess that was her Trick for the day?