November 15, 2010

It really doesn't matter

I'm beyond exhausted right now but it really doesn't matter.
I could go on and on about how sucktastically awful the weekend was- but it really doesn't matter.
I could tell you how my Lovie was feverish when I picked her up Friday from daycare and how she slept in the car and then again when we got home at 445 and didn't wake until 2am for a bottle... I could tell you how she was feverish on and off all day Saturday and how she took THREE very long naps after sleeping 15 hours (excluding waking to eat) Friday night... I could go on about how yesterday she was in better spirits but I wasn't and still am not because of this horrific cough that's invaded my body. Again.

I could go on and on about all of that and about how we have raccoons that party on our roof every night keeping us up and that the stupid landlord thinks it's just one little raccoon and that it's not a big deal when we're up every mofo night trying to scare them off.

But none of it matters... all that matters is her:

As long as she does her thing and smiles and has fun, then all is good in the world.


  1. I just don't think it's possible for her to be more gorgeous. I'm sorry you guys are sick, feel better.


    Pie has those jammies cute!

  2. She is wat too cute!! I hope you guys are better soon!! I know how you feel kinda, we had a rat in our attic, and it woke Bailey up every night, finally got ride of it...Hope your raccoons decide to party somewhere else!!!

    *got your email by the way and sent you one back, I hope we can fix it.... :)

  3. You poor things. I'm glad she is feeling better and I hope you are too soon. You guys need a break.

  4. I'm right there with you on the exhaustion thing! I hope everyone gets to feeling better and you all have a good week.

  5. She just keeps getting more beautiful. Feel better Momma and Lovie.


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