November 7, 2010

Holiday Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yesterday’s temps sure made it feel that way, at least. That, along with the time change and I couldn’t be happier. Love winter, love the holidays- and it’s mostly because of all the cards people send. 

For years now, the husband and I have been sending cards- except for last year. We decided that since our daughter was due around Christmas/New Years, we’d forgo the Christmas Cards and send out New Year’s/Birth Announcement cards. The original plan was to create and print our own but little did we know that a newborn baby does sort of put a kink into some ideas- and takes up some time that you once had oodles of.  And that’s where Shutterfly entered our lives!  

The whole experience was so easy and took so little time! I just created my account, uploaded the pictures, found the announcement we wanted, loaded the picture, typed in the text (wordy due to announcing the birth of our baby and wishing everyone a happy New Year), ordered and paid… and within a week or so, I had these gorgeous announcements that doubled as New Year’s cards. 

And I know they were a huge hit because I see them framed when visiting family and friends! So you best believe we’ll be going this route again for Christmas this year! I’ve actually got quite a few in mind already, though it wasn't so easy since there are seriously GOBS of awesome ones to choose from!

The first one shown is the one that popped out to both of us at first. But then I realized it was a flat card and I thought that we should do a folding card so we could write inside. And while the two folded ones shown are cute, I think we’re going to save us some time this year (goodness knows I can use some extra time!) and go with the one that we first were attracted to the most! Eek, I'm so excited now to find the perfect picture of us as a family to include... in our very first Holiday Card as a Family. Can't wait to get these ordered! One less thing to worry about and one more picture to see framed when visiting family!

Want to get your order on, too? Check out shutterfly! And, if you're a blogger and do a little post like this one, you can get 50 free holiday cards! Eek! Click HERE to get all the details.


  1. That first one is adorable!!

  2. I love these! The designs are great so it's hard to pick!

  3. There are so many designs that I love. I love all of their cards!

  4. I just signed up for this. VERY cool.


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