November 1, 2010

Speaking of Madness

It's Monday already = me tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.
It was a long weekend that flew by in a snap. Ridiculous.

Here's how it started this past Friday:

photo shoot for 10 Months (10/29)- after a day at school where there was trick or treating and hats and hoods being on the head, then off, then on, then off. she also peed on her costume so they sent her home in the pictured long sleeve onsie which is ours & a pair of 3-6 month brown pants with squirrels on them from some other kid. it was pretty ridiculous looking. & now that i think of it, i shoulda just left her in them for this pic as it woulda added nicely to the crazy hair, no?

And it ended with my Lovie in this year's Halloween costume having an explosive poop while in the back seat of the car. We were driving from lunch to my dad's place when I said, "Smells like poop," to the husband. He concurred. When we got to my dad's place and the husband went to take Lovie out of our two week old Britax, he said, "Why is my hand wet?"

He pulls her out and her yellow and orange tights that came with the costume (and are now in the garbage) were green to the back of one of her knees. FUN!

Needless to say I won't be selling her costume. I guess that was her Trick for the day?


  1. I'm dying over that picture! I love it! I have a couple pictures of Rylie all disheveled and in mismatched clothes, for sure. LOL

    I hope Lovie gets to feeling better soon. I know you didn't ask for suggestions, but I'll tell you what has always worked wonders for us with the poop stuff...Florastor for Kids. It isn't cheap, but it is so worth it! After a day or so of that, the poops will be back to normal.

    OK, I'm off to catch up...

  2. even with crazy hair she's gorgeous!

    i hate that she wasn't feeling well for the big, and that your poor britax took a beating!

    completely unrelated...did you ever get my package? i'm afraid our post office has a terrible habit of losing my stuff.


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