November 11, 2010

The Paper Mama Holiday Card Challenge 2010

The Paper Mama

So I'm totally new to this whole altering photos thing. I mean, I've added text to photos or gotten rid of a zit or ten on Photoshop (but that's at home and I'm very rarely on the computer when I'm home, remember?!) but nothing to the extent of altering it like I did for this challenge. But WHAT STINKIN' FUN! I'm so glad I found this challenge and The Paper Mama because of it.

Most of it was done in boring Paint but, considering that fact, I think it turned out pretty gosh darn OK if I do say so myself. Eek!

What do you think?

hehe, I'm *seriously* considering printing these and sending them out to some folk who I know would get a kick out of it... : D


  1. Ha! I think it's great. You should print it out and send it. The best holiday cards are the customized ones!

  2. You should definitely print that! I love it! :-D


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