November 9, 2010

Daycare Woes *edited- ha!*

So there's this teacher at Lovie's daycare, we'll refer to her as "Red". I'm not sure how long she's been there but I didn't start seeing her until just the past two months or so. To be blunt, I don't care for her. At all. And I'm doing my best not to let it get to me but there's just something about her that really rubs me the wrong way (and I'm generally a very good judge of character).

See, Red never ever ever greets me in the morning when Lovie and I arrive. She sits her happy pasty white ass in the chair at the only table in the room which I need to utilize to date Lovie's bottles and just ignores us. I understand not wanting to be all chatty first thing in the morning (630ish) since she's not Lovie's teacher but, um, if you're gonna sit there and be in my way, an acknowledgement (you know- nod your head, make eye contact, SOMETHING) would be nice. She never says boo to Lovie either. She just sits there and stuffs her face with a bagel and talks to the other teachers who are Lovie's teachers or a couple other kids who are generally there (older and able to communicate).

I could let all this go. I could and I have. Ignore me... fine. Ignore my kid... and my eye is on you but I can still let it go because I'm confident in Lovie's teachers.

But then there was a week several weeks ago when she was acting director. I wasn't seeing her in the morning, but I was seeing and hearing her in the afternoon when I'd pick up Lovie. And every single day, she'd be all, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Like I was Bryan Adams or something! And each day I tried my best to ignore her but I just don't roll like that- not when someone says Hi. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated so because I would like others to acknowledge my existence, when they do, I can't ignore them.

But I felt sick every time I'd say Hi back. And in my head, I was all, "Yeah you can say Hi now to me you little bitch because you've got super powers now that you're director wannabe."

UGH. It's so silly, I realize this.

Anyway, for the past couple weeks, I just drop any eye contact should my eyes meet hers. Plus Lovie hasn't been at daycare too much the past month because of all the damn diarrhea so I just haven't seen her much or felt the attitude from Red.

Well now we're back to daycare this week. Today is day 2. And today was day 2 of Red ignoring us. And I've about had it. Seriously. She fucking sits there and talks shit about the older kids running around like I'm not even there ("Oh look at Lily's hair.. it looks... nice." Nice meaning "Nice- for once."). She ignores me and Lovie. I'm just really beyond being in 8th grade, frankly. I hated it then, I hate it tenfold now.

I'm SO close to snapping on her little ass. I mean, I'm all snarky in my head but I just zip my mouth shut. Why? Because a) I don't want Lovie to be a mean bitch like I can be, b) I don't want Lovie's teachers treating her differently, c) I'm just not one to stir the pot... unless it's about to boil. Then, for some reason, I'm fucking good at stirring the pot (I've gotten people fired, for example. Gross, I know!).

So. Do I...
  1. continue to let this shit boil inside of me
  2. snap on Red the next time I see fit
  3. say something to the director
  4. who the fuck cares

What would you do?

EDIT (or would this be an update or amended?? I think this is actually AMENDED!):

*so I wrote this post quickly then ran to lunch and on my way back (from checking out the pizza joint for Lovie's party), I realized that I probably sound like an idiot. I'm ranting over some little teenie bopper (OK maybe she's all of 20- sorry!) ignoring me and Lovie when she's not even Lovie's teacher. Who's the tool now? Ugh. Can I blame this rant on my period? Because I did just get it last night and I'm a bit... raged because of it.


  1. Oh man, this is a tough one. Since she is not directly Lovie's teacher, you could probably get away with #2 and tell her off. But who knows how close she is with the other teachers, and if you piss her off, you might piss them off. And I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want anyone who takes care of my kid mad at me.

    I would probably just be overly nice to her. Say good morning to her every morning when you go in. Ask her how her morning is going. That might work even better than going bananas on her.

    But I am definitely with you and would have an issue with someone ignoring my kid. How could you ignore that adorable little cutie anyway? I think "Red" needs a swift kick in the ass, or a new job, or maybe both. ;-)

  2. I'd have to say #3. I worked in daycares/schools for years and there has to be a certain level of service upheld. If any of the staff isn't behaving appropriately the director needs to know. You are entrusting these people with the most important thing in the world and they should behave accordingly.

  3. I would make her speak :)-- I am the queen of the kill'em with kindness and if needed sprinkle some attitude in with that kindness (Ha!!) to really get my point across. "Good Morning", but I'm from Alabama where speaking is an absolute MUST or you will get told! She'll catch on and if not, I'd speak with the director about it.

    Yeah, it could be your period, but still, being courteous when you are taking care of people's kids is an absolute.

    Being here in Tokyo, I've experienced similar situations and I've learned that it normally comes down to people having different expectations of greetings and whatnot even when we are paying for their service, some people just don't think being nice and cordial is a part of the service.

    I vote for Option #5-- Make her speak, give her a chance or call her out with the director.

  4. I read your update and it looks like you have realized to just let it go. She is nothing. Not worth the energy. It would be different if she was Lovie's teacher.

  5. Next week, I start my period so I'll go with....number 2. Snap on Red. LMAO!


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