November 11, 2010

Secret Thursday: POLL

Another Thursday, another It's Secret Thursday post.

Except I don't have any secrets... none that I care sharing at least.

So I'm hoping you'll share a secret with me, instead. See the POLL on the left of the page there? Please answer it, if you'd be so kind: DO YOU MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR BLOG?

I have no desire to be the world's most popular blog, but if I can make some $$ while blogging, then why not?  I'm just curious to see how many people that read my non-money making blog make money off of their own blogs. I'm *really* curious to know HOW you make money on your blog but I guess we'll leave that one for another time...

1 comment:

  1. I almost said Never, but I said Nope instead. It just isn't my thing. I do get free products in exchange for posting reviews, but I don't accept any monetary compensation. I have actually turned down paid posts. It's just not how I roll. But never say never...


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