About Me

I'm Christina, a 40ish year-old with a 4 year old girl who loves the color pink (which I can't stand). It took a while to get in this place of Loving Life, but I'm here now, and I don't plan to leave any time soon. Life's far from perfect, but living life for today right alongside my gorgeous girl makes it pretty close to perfect to me.

Finally Mom is the place where I come to bitch and moan about being a working mom, but really, it's where I come to talk about her- my Lovie... the most beautiful, most amazing, most wonderful creature ever to roam this earth.  You may find some bitching and moaning from time to time, but understand this: I've never been happier or felt so incredibly blessed in my life. Because of her- my Lovie.

(for more detail about me and my story, check out the page, More Me.)

last updated March 2014