November 8, 2010


Some good came out of the past five days dealing with Lovie's 2nd bout with diarrhea (in a month!)... aside from spending so much one on one time with the love of my life (though I will admit that I wanted to run far, far away by Friday night due to a horrific day of diaper changes and dealing with an unhappy baby's raw bottom) whom I miss so much more than usual now, as a result, I also made some calls and figured out what we're doing for her birthday AND I finished her invite- sort of!

There's a couple minor things I need to still change on the invite (like change it from Ms. to Miss) but for the most part, I just need to plug in the final location and get these printed.

Notice the LACK of Pink?!???? Aha, that's what makes me the happiest about these. Well, that, and the fact that it's adorned with three pics of my little cutie.

We've also made a decision regarding party details...

drumroll please

...we're doing a pizza party! Plain and simple: Pizza and Pop followed by cake at a pizza joint. That means setup and cleanup is all taken care of and all we do is show up (with a cake and some balloons and a banner perhaps), eat, open gifts, and go. Isn't that how it should be??

Now I'm getting super excited instead of just being anxious and whatnot. I'm finally sleeping without being consumed with her 1st party. It feels good to be honest. Real good. Eek. My baby doll's gonna be ONE in just 52 days!


I already ordered, received, washed and hung up her party dress (no pink- holla!)... just gotta pick which place we're going with and make a deposit, finish up and get the invites printed and mailed (probably try and shoot for getting these mailed just before Thanksgiving- may be a little early but who cares? have you seen the cuteness on that card?!), order a cake (nothing fancy- just a big ass 1 on a sheet cake with her name on it). That's really it. Then we'll pick up the cake and some balloons and off we'll go to the party.

For her actual birthday on Dec 29th, it'll just me, the hubs, and our doll at home with some presents, balloons, a cupcake, lots of pictures, and an insane amount of hugs and kisses, giggles and belly laughs!

: )


  1. Love the invitation! And love the pizza party idea!!

    I'm completely opposite from you.. my toddler's closet is overflowing with pink! Lol.

  2. Anything with that many pictures of Lovie is perfect!!

    And the pizza party...genius!

  3. The pizza party is a GREAT idea! I know how relieved you must feel. :-) The invitations are super cute too. It sounds like it is all coming together. Woo hoo!

  4. I love the the invites! She is so stinking adorable!


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