November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday: Jesse Jackson is watching you!


1. So yesterday as I was rushing to pick up Lovie from daycare, I see this royal blue Honda Odyssey ahead of me with a picture of sorts smack dab in the center of the back window. The windows were darkly tinted so it was hard to make out the image- my immediate guess was a magazine cover that a teenie bopper placed...maybe that Justin Bieber character or something?

Eventually I ended up right behind the Odyssey at a red light and there he was, glaring back at me: Jesse Jackson. Huh, wah?! Why the ef is there a picture of Jesse Jackson smack dab in the center of this van's back window?  And that's when I noticed the best part of this little ... weirdness: the light was poking through from the front of the van and allowing me to see further into the van when my eyes met a camcorder.


Jesse and I had a staring contest and I was sure as shit that there was a camcorder to Jesse's side. It's view thinger was sticking out and it was pointed directly at me.


I dunno either.

Careful road ragers, Jesse Jackson is apparently watching (and recording) you. Is that (recording) even legal?!

FUCKING WEIRD is all I know about that.

2. I'm tired as shit. Again. I slept good till 3am when Lovie woke. I gave her a bottle, she snuggled into me, I laid her down, she was off in lalaland. I, on the other hand, tossed and turned once returning to bed. All I can think of these days is her mothereffing 1st birthday party and how we're going to afford feeding 60 people.

3. I need to find someone to color my hair. The grays aren't really even gray anymore. It's white. I have white hair. It's bad and I'm terrified someone will ask if Lovie is my grandbaby. And while she's grand and a baby, she's my daughter. I need to color my hair.

4. This little girl at Lovie's daycare better watch her back. She may be 3 and able to run, but Lovie's about to start walking (true story) and I have a feeling she'll be walking like she's been doing it forever and not like a weeble wobble. So Miss Sassypants who whines for Lovie to "leave [her] alone" better watch her back cuz my Lovie won't be taking no shit from no 3 year old. ;)


  1. I am so completely creeped out about the jesse jackson thing, I can't even focus on the rest of the!

  2. That Jesse Jackson thing is totally weird! I can't get his face out of my head now!

  3. The first year is tough due to lack of sleep. Then the kid starts taking off and climbing things and you long for the days when sleep was the only issue. Just wait until Lovey starts talking. And talking back! Never a dull moment in the wonderful world of parenting. Never was a JJ fan, I would've been creeped out by that encounter. Happy RTT.


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