November 29, 2010


Lovie's 1st Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving playing host was pretty freaking wonderful. Lovie showed everyone (MIL, FIL, BIL, H's two cousins) her new trick (walking) and everyone was pretty impressed. She was definitely the star of the day. But of course. And she ate like a champ- nomming up everything including the H's turkey and mashed potatoes and my stuffing and green bean casserole. She even ate it all up again the next two days. Mmmmm love Thanksgiving!

Friday was spent around the house for the most part except for dropping off and then later picking up my car that got its front brakes replaced. Following the pickup of my car, we headed to the Home Depot where Lovie got to experience her first taste of Christmas decor. And she LOVED it. She was so excited and giddy over all the lights and music. I let her choose between a Santa or a Snowman door stuffed face with a bell (not sure how else to explain it, eh) and she went gaga over Santa. Her face just lit up and she started shaking it and was just so stinkin' happy.

And as we perused the decor, I found myself incredibly happy. Like this happy energy sort of enveloped me and all I could do was smile. A couple times I even found myself welling up with happiness. And then it dawned on me: I've been a big fat scrooge the past umpteen years during the holidays. Only this year it's completely different. And I like it.

I'm actually looking forward to Christmas and New Year's. Because of her. I was very pregnant with my Lovie last Christmas. Very pregnant. And ready. This year she's this little person already who can enjoy the lights and music and crinkly paper and glittered bows and...

"It's the most wonderful time... of the year!!!"

It is, too! OMG I'm so incredibly blessed!!

Saturday I woke up and still felt this euphoria around me. Honest to god, it felt so great and I sappily updated my Facebook status (something I don't do too often) reflecting on how I was feeling. Comments and Likes rolled in and the tears streamed down my face.

I'm just so incredibly blessed! I just don't know what else to say or how else to describe this!

We spent all day inside playing and playing and playing. Oh god if only I could bottle up the sounds from the day... the giggles, the laughter, the jibber jabber. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

When Lovie napped, I worked on a hat that I've wanting to make her...

only I made the first one for her cousin who was visiting from Texas though the picture is of my Lovie of course.

It was the first knitting project I've picked up and completed since pregnancy induced carpal tunnel stopped me from knitting. And how fucking cute is that hat?

Sunday we visited my mom and grandmother because my brother was stopping there on his way into town from Texas. While waiting for them to arrive, Lovie chased after my mom (seriously couldn't get enough of her- even whined to be near her!!), played some sort of patty cake with my grandmother, then CLAPPED for the first time.

She also started pointing yesterday, too.

So yeah, in the last week, Lovie's main mode of mobility is via walking (and almost running at times- oy!), and she's also clapping and pointing, too.

Could she be any more incredible?

Today, Miss Lovie turns 11 months and the countdown begins until she's the big ONE.


  1. It sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend! I love how positive this post is and how happy you are. I'm so happy for you. Now I need to take your lead and get out of my grouchy mood and start enjoying this Christmas season a little more!

    Oh, and I LOVE the hat! Too freaking cute!

  2. Love her Cap!!! She is sooo dang beautiful.

  3. What a perfect weekend!

    Also now I know it's completely your fault...I was a weepy mess all weekend too. You must have sent it my way, because I'm so normally not like that! Including my near breakdown as Husband and I walked into Target to do our Christmas shopping for Pie...our first Christmas shopping for our own child. Gah!

    And I will totally pay you for one of those hats! Seriously!!


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