November 22, 2010

weekend update

The weekend was a success but far too short. Me no likey how friggin fast they fly by. So unfair. At least this is only a 3-day week, though.

Saturday we went to a fundraiser for my cousin's baby, Tyler. I posted about him a while back and I really believe everyone's positive energy helped this boy receive a liver transplant and heal. It's truly remarkable the way people have supported my cousin and her family. Friends of theirs got together and formed a fundraiser and it was beyond amazing. I'm not sure how the moms (yes, my cousin and her partner are the moms to Tyler and his older brother- both being born via IVF) didn't lose it on Saturday. I would've been sobbing most of the day if all those people were there for me and my baby. Seriously it was one of the most incredible things I've ever been part of- and it really shined some light on the fact that not all of the human race sucks.

Lovie had a blast at the fundraiser, too. We got there about an hour after it started- people were everywhere, music was playing. I think it was a little overwhelming for her at first because she clung to me, the poor thing. My dad greeted us and immediately wanted Lovie but she refused and just buried her head into me- something she's never done in her near 11 months.

When we got to an open table, I put Lovie down and she stood for about 5 minutes looking around. Just stood there. It was very cute. Then, all of sudden, she started DANCING of course. Why not? Ha! She stood and danced by way of bouncing up and down for a good 5 or 10 minutes more. People started swarming around us to watch her. It was insanely cute. She just kept on bouncing away.

There were about 5 or 6 little kids around, but Lovie was definitely the youngest. Most of the kids were boys and she just jumped right in with them and wanted to play. Of course they didn't want any part of it so she waited till they ran to play in another area before stealing one of their trucks and playing.

Again, many people commented on how cute she was (my cousin at one point picked her up and started playing with her and kept saying, "she's so fucking cute.") and that we needed to get her a truck. And we do because she played with that thing for like an hour.

She spent most of the time crawling around (with the truck- or after the boys), but she also walked if her hand was held. She just played and played and played. Finally at 6, we left and baby girl passed out in the car and ended up sleeping until about 430 in the morning!

Yesterday we played a lot. The hubs and I should've spent any of her naptime cleaning, but we didn't. Not really. And when Lovie was awake, she was so stinkin' happy and very independently playing. Most of the day was spent walking yesterday.  Up till yesterday, she would crawl everywhere and then pull up to stand and then take a step or two.  Yesterday was completely opposite... all day long. She just walked and walked and walked! It was pretty awesome to see her get more confidence. And, of course she's super happy about her new trick.

I don't consider her a Walker yet, but she's definitely getting there! And time certainly isn't waiting on us as we're a week away from 11 months, a month and a week away from 1 year!! 


Happy Monday


  1. Your cousin is right...she is so fuckin cute!!

  2. look at her in that pic! such a big girl! You are right, weekends FLY by.

  3. All day yesterday me & the husband kept telling each other... 3 day week baby!

    Glad Tyler had a good outcome at the fundraiser & good to hear he's doing well!

    And that Lovie... oh my that girl is too much! Dancing, playing with trucks, walking... she does what SHE WANTS!



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