June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

I got AF last night. Again. WTF.

I prepared Lovie's bottles last night for today's daycare. Like I do every single night. Only this time I left them sit on the counter all night long. WTF.

I have horrid cramps- in the front and the back. WTF.

The highway ramp I use to get on to the expressway in the morning and off in the evening is closed for who knows how long for repair. WTF.

It's Monday. WTF.


All I have to do is look at, or think about, this baby doll of mine:

She's sitting in her crib in this picture. She's been sitting unassisted for about three weeks now. It started out slowly and she'd topple over after a couple seconds. Then she was able to stay up for about 30 seconds and last week she was able to sit for several minutes before flopping over.

Then this past weekend, we were visiting her grandfather and we had Lovie sit on the floor and play with a soccer ball (it's World Cup time dontcha know!). Twenty minutes later she was still SITTING there trying to get this ginormous ball into her mouth.

Then yesterday the same thing: she just sits and plays with stuff. And is content as can be. In fact, I'd venture to guess that she's even happier these days then in days past and she's been a pretty happy baby since birth!

We're so blessed.

So F off Monday Morning Madness!!


  1. Monday? Yeah, eff off.

    Lovie? Way to go sweet girl!

  2. LOVE the sitting unassisted! She's doing great!

    I wish my girl were interested in sitting--it would make things much easier sometimes!

  3. Way to go Lovie! Such fun developments, yay!

  4. Go Lovie go! We're still in the topple over after a few seconds place. Can't wait until she gets a little more sturdy though. And once again...Lovie is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. GO Lovie!! So adorable!! Mondays are just never a good day...Hope it gets better!


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