June 4, 2010

Tummy Sleeping: Pros and Cons

For the past several weeks, Lovie's been flipping over like a fish outta water as soon as we lay her down for the night. She ends up spending the rest of the night on her tummy, and since she gets herself into that position, we leave her. Clearly she's turned into a tummy sleeper like her momma.

  • sleeps longer and harder
  • hair is growing into bald spot on back of head
  • she's exceptionally cute in the morning when she pops her head up to say good morning
  • we've had several soaked diapers, pj's, sheets
  • if she spits up, she lays in it!
  • boogers!
The Cons list really bugs me but I can't really do anything about it. If she wakes at night for a bottle (which she has been the past week again), I try to change her diaper which will help with the leaking. The boogers... god I have issues with boogers. I'll change her shitty diapers any day of the week but I really hate the boogers. And the other day there was one stuck to the sheet. Gag.  I made the old man get it off because I was too lazy to change the sheets (it's a pain in the ass to change the sheets because of the stupid bumpers- but of course I change them every other week unless there's an accident).

What a stupid post for a Friday... or any day for that matter. Whatever. I'm a bit salty today for some reason. This is all I have right now.


  1. I wish my daughter would enjoy some more tummy time! She still hates it and has only recently turned over from her back to her tummy...on accident! I have a booger story to share. One day i was rocking Seraya for a nap and she was nuzzling her little face in my neck...I thought it was the sweetest thing. After I put her down, I realized what she was doing. I found a booger on my neck..she was just trying to work that sucker out! But, I am a respiratory therapist, so I deal with this on a daily basis!

    And I agree with you on bumper pads making it difficult to change sheets. I ended up taking 2 sides off and it isn't as bad.

  2. Here's a trick I learned: if she's in size 2 diapers, buy a pack of size 3 and put her in the bigger one to sleep! Worked perfect for us!

  3. I am following you back! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

    Congrats on the beautiful daughter!

  4. Tummy sleeping is the best! Bryce started sleeping so much better once I finally got comfortable putting him on his belly.

    Get yourself some Huggies Overnights and some Ultimate Crib Sheets. http://thelifeofrylieandbrycetoo.blogspot.com/2010/04/product-review-ultimate-crib-sheet.html The diapers *should* stop the leaks and if they don't, the UCS will eliminate the need to deal with the bumper. I hope that helps!

    Oh and the pictures from your vacation are adorable! :-)

  5. For the sheets, I use the sheet savers and LOVE them!!! They save Bailey's sheets from all sorts of fun! Sheet changing sucks with cribs!


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