June 22, 2010

Here we go again.

It's official. I'm in the midst of sickness number four since starting back to work and putting Lovie in daycare four months ago. So I should expect to feel like ass at least once a month then?  And this is in addition to  Aunt Flo visits, too. FUN!!


So yesterday they let us out of work early because the power went out and there was no a/c. That means I got to pick up my Lovie a couple hours early! HOORAH!! When I walked into her room, she was sitting in a high chair (my big girl) whining. HahaHehe. She was looking at one of the teachers and whining to her - that's why I found it funny. Because I know my girl and my girl was telling this teacher she was hungry.  And I want my baby doll to speak up if she wants something. ;)

I put my bag down and said, "Oh what's wrong, baby girl?" Her eyes left the focus on the teacher and her whole body shifted to the entrance of the room. Once she saw me her face lit up.

Angel's sing.

"Why are you whining?" I said as her arms and legs started to go all crazy with excitement and a big smile covered her face. "Are you hungry?"

Again her arms and legs were all crazy and her little pursed mouth was making Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm sounds.  Don't get me wrong. These Mmmm sounds aren't like Mmmmm Good and Tasty, but rather Mmmm!!!! Mmmmm!!!!  Does that make any sense? Probably not but it's not a satisfactory sound, but rather a OMGI'MSOHUNGRY sound. :D

The teacher told me they were about to feed her but it could wait if I wanted. I told her I would feed her. And I did. And she gobbled the carrots all up like a big, good girl.

All the while one little girl, much bigger than Lovie so I'd have to put her at or very near 1, was screaming. And I mean screaming. She wasn't crying as there were no tears, she was just plain unhappy. And she was in one of the jumperoo things.  Apparently, the teachers were ordered by this child's mother that the girl is to stay in the jumperoo or the high chair at all times.


I started to get upset when they told me this. I mean, here I am feeding my Lovie and then picking her up all while this poor child is screaming because she can't move any more than the stupid jumperoo would allow. All because the teachers are doing what they're told by the parent.

Apparently the girl has become quite mobile with her crawling and is thereby getting hurt a lot so to avoid the scratches and bumps and bruises, the parent has ordered that she stay in the jumperoo or high chair at all times whilst there.


I'm sorry. I know my baby doll is only (almost) 6 months old and isn't crawling yet (though she's getting super damn close which is freaking me), but I EXPECT that once she starts becoming more mobile that things will start happening.  Isn't that par for the friggin course?!?

I was really upset by this news. Not only do I have to listen to this poor child scream, but so do the teachers- only they have to listen to it ALL DAY LONG. All so the child doesn't CRAWL?!


The more she screamed the more my blood boiled and the faster I needed to leave before I started releasing that boil! Wow. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to hold my tongue today if the same thing happens when I pick up Lovie.

I'll probably be too wrapped up into the fact that my head feels like it's under water to focus on anything else.


  1. I'm sorry about the sickness. Jack was sick all the time when he was in daycare. I hope all is well soon!

  2. Wow! The screaming baby thing bothers me too. Yes, it sucks when your kiddo gets hurt, but it's part of the learning process. She'll learn what to do and what not to do when she bumps her head a few times. As much as we want to put our babies in a glass bubble and protect them from all evil, we can't. Poor kiddo!

  3. So sorry you're sick again. The strep is still kicking my butt!

    As a former daycare worker let me just tell you how many insanely stupid parental requests we had to put up with! It made us crazy, but you have to do it.

  4. That makes me sick (re: jumperoo), poor baby!

  5. I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon@ In the three winter/spring seasons since I have had Rylie, I have used up all of my sick time at work in the first three months of the year. Sucks.

    And that is horrible about the 1 year old in the jumperoo! If those parents are really telling the teachers to keep her in there like that, I hope the teachers are explaining to the parents how detrimental that is for that poor little girl. :-(

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  7. OK HI. I know I'm so late chiming in on this, but WHAT THE FUCK.


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