June 8, 2010

Don't really have much of anything right now.

Should try and do some more work today, I guess... and stop by and visit some blogs since I couldn't yesterday.

There's always Lovie though...

I could never grow tired of talking or thinking about my Lovie.

...8 more hours sweet baby girl, 8 more hours


  1. I know how you feel. She is a little pumpkin!

  2. Oh that little Lovie...I could just eat her up! My Pie has just started with the feet in the mouth and it makes me laugh everytime...and not just a little bit jealous :)

  3. Aww thanks for sharing these cute pics! I miss these stages! Now my 4 year old is running around with lip gloss and changing her outfit every 7 minutes. :)

  4. I love pictures of babies and their toes! Too cute!


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