June 7, 2010

well shit

it only took all friggin day (not because I'm busy but because of Blogger) to be able to get a post here in Blogger-land. BOOOOO!

sorry guys, will be by to visit tomorrow (or maybe later if Lovie needs a nap when we get home) because I tried stopping by and commenting on several blogs and the comments would not go through! :(

And speaking of shit, I have a diaper review from over the weekend:

I took some advice from some of you (re: tummy sleeping equaling a wet bed in the morning) and had the hubs pick up overnight or a size up diapers Friday on his way home. He brought home Pampers Overnight diapers just in time for Lovie’s bedtime. On went the overnight diaper, her pj’s and nighty night baby doll went. At 2 in the morning she started fussing loudly so I went to give her a binky and warm a bottle and immediately discovered she was soaked.


Prior to using the overnight diap, if she would leak through it wasn’t until the morning… so to find her at 2AM already very wet pissed me off- to be blunt.

We didn’t make it out of the house Saturday so I just put on a regular diaper Saturday night and changed it in the middle of the night when she woke for a bottle. Then yesterday we were out visiting my dad and stopped at Target and returned the shitty “overnight” diapers and got a pack of Pampers 2-3 (she’s in a size 2 normally and they didn’t have size 3).

Lovie STTN (slept through the night) and when she woke, I immediately felt around and found everything dry.

Hoorah for the little things like not having to wrestle with changing sheets on a Monday!


  1. I share your love of blogger currently as well! Ha! Yeah to less laundry. http://nicolesspirit878.blogspot.com/

  2. Glad that worked :) It is always nice to find something that works, we are also playing with Bailey's nighttime cloth diapers...!! I am switching the inserts to find out what works, so I know how you feel :)

  3. Yahoo! Also: Pampers does have weird sizing. I switched to Huggies ($$ and dry max scare!) but I bet the 2-3 would be a nice transition size before moving up to full-on size 3. Aaaaanyway... I hope it keeps working for you!


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