May 12, 2010

Half Birthdays

So Lovie. The love of my life. She was born smack dab between Christmas Day and New Years Day on December 29th.  This was good for me at the time because it allowed me to have a couple extra days off paid because of the holiday, allowing me to extend my maternity leave.  But now that all that's said and done, I've been wondering how her birthday might very well get overlooked - or sandwiched together with Christmas and New Years.

I know that we, her parents, will always make a big deal on December 29th no matter what.  Period, end of discussion.  But what about family and friends?

I have a cousin who was born on December 26th and I never remember doing anything special for his birthday and am even guilty of giving him both a Christmas and Birthday present combined.  And that's gotta suck!! Particularly when you're a kid! (I'm sorry cousin!!)

That all left me thinking about "half birthdays."  I honestly never even heard of such a thing until I saw an episode (oh boy is this confession going to be embarrassing - particularly when you take my age into account) of the new 90210 where one of the characters celebrated her Half Birthday every year because her mom, who was a drunken narcissist, always blew off her real birthday.

And now that I have Lovie and take pictures every time she's a month older, I began to wonder if I should throw some sort of Half-year birthday party for her.  I asked some friends and while they thought it would be a good idea, they also felt that she should definitely have a 1 year Birthday Party, too.  Makes sense. Definitely cannot skip the big 1 year Party, regardless of who might or might not show up. 

I don't know. Time will tell as to how this will all work out, I suppose, but for now, I think we'll just stick with doing a 1 year birthday party.

All that said and done - and really pretty much unrelated to the point of this post - I found this on Etsy through littleoneboutique:

Not the baby!! The onsie with 1/2 on it!  How stinkin' cute is that?! Even if we don't do a party, I still want to get it because, well, she'll only be a 1/2 year old once and it's damn cute in my opinion!

So now here's what I need your help with: Should I order the 1/2 image in RED with white dots or ORANGE with white dots. I love the yellow, but I think the red or orange will pop even more in photos.  So I'll let you all decide for me, if you will. 

You can either reply with a comment or simply click the poll to the left.

Thanks!! : )


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my shirt!! My vote is red!

  2. I think the red could be very cute. But could she do the yellow "1/2" on a different color onesie? I think either green or pink would be really cute!

  3. I like red, put if they had pink, I would say pink :)!

  4. RED! and that's super cute!


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