May 24, 2010

so cute

I usta take pics of Lovie every day and litter my Facebook with them nearly every day or every other. Yup, I'm one of *those* moms - and damn proud, too! ;)  And then I had to go back to work. Poop!!

So now the pictures don't get taken as much (with only a couple hours to spare from the time we get home till bedtime, can't always squeeze in too many photo ops) and only get onto Facebook or Lovie's blog on the weekends.

Such is the life of ... me. ;)
Here's a couple I found on my camera over the weekend:

(I love the drool hanging from her chin ... and her "Yeah what?!" expression.)

The wet shot was a surprise to see because my husband took it unbeknownst to me. It's one of my new favorites. She's so fucking cute. And I really like that curl at the top. Gah!

And speaking of so fucking cute: that's my Lovie... she spent the weekend squealing in absolute delight any time we looked at her or threw her in the air. The squealing and the kicking of her legs! Ack. I could just eat her up and probably would if it didn't mean I wouldn't get to see that face anymore!

The best part of the weekend (besides every part- because of her) was when we went to visit my grandmother to celebrate her 86th birthday, and how every time Lovie saw my great niece who is 3, she belly laughed so much that she had all of us in tears with laughter for about an hour straight!

Ack, fun times.

And now I'm back at work and she's in daycare. BOO!

...6.5 hours love bug


  1. I love love the first photo, the drool and all! The curl on the second one though is fantastic!!

  2. Following back! Baby is beautiful!

  3. your bebe is so cute!!! I'm a working mama too and it gets disheartening once in a while. But I have a sign on my cubical that says "your doing it for him". We're in the customer service business and sometimes it's hard to focus on why your there.

    Following back hun! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. she is too cute! what a happy little girl! baby squeals are the best:)


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