May 2, 2010

Post-free Weekends

Again, I normally don't post on the weekends because of Lovie and wanting every spare moment to just look at her... but I wanted to thank Meredith at La Buena Vida for inspiring me to create something for Mother's Day to give to Lovie's grandmothers and great-grandmother.

I knew I wanted to do something with pictures, but wasn't sure what exactly and then when I saw her 16 photos in an 8x8 square, I thought: Perfect!

I created mine in InDesign with the help of my fabulous husband. And I'm super proud of it.

The best part is that I think I'll be sticking with this theme and at six months put months 1 through 3 on the left of the newborn pic and months 4 through 6 on the right. Then at a year, I'll put months 1-3 on top, 4-6 on the right, 7-9 on the bottom, 10-12 on the left. Eeek!! It'll all be here before you know it!

Thanks again for the inspiration Meredith. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they get their framed gifts! I mean, really; what's not to love?!


  1. Good Job! I love indesign!! Lovie is soo adorable~~


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