May 14, 2010

daddy makes me... poop

I'm not sure what the dealio is, but whenever I pick up Love from daycare and notice a plastic grocery store bag hanging from her coat hook (where I grab her bag and car seat before going into her room), I get a little pissed off. It means that they changed her clothes.

Why does it piss me off that they're taking care of my baby girl?  Stupid, right?  But I never have to change Lovie when she's home with us. Ever. Yet I can't even say how many times they've had to change her clothes and it's usually because of blowouts which makes no sense to me because she never has blowouts at home. So for a hot second, when I see that plastic bag hanging there on the hook, I get (stupidly) pissed.

Such was the case yesterday when I picked her up... I dropped her off looking cute as ever in a Daddy Makes Me Smile onsie (pink, yet still cute) and jeans (I think the jeans made the outfit cute, offsetting the pink of the onsie) but when I picked her up she was wearing a pink shirt with a panda on it and pink and white striped footed pants with panda on the feet.  (I leave all the pink shit at daycare cuz I rarely dress her in pink and when/if I do, it's never a completely pink outfit like the panda one!)

When I made a comment about her change of clothes, one of the teachers said that she pooped up her back.  (This makes no sense to me. She never does this at home and we don't change her diaper every 2 hours the way they have to. I'm guessing they need some lessons on closing the damn diapers properly.)

"So I guess Daddy makes her have blowouts, then?" I commented with a chuckle. (Yes, I laugh at my own jokes!)

None of the teachers seemed to get what I was saying so I quickly added, "That's the second time she's worn that onsie - Daddy Makes Me Smile - and each time she had a blowout and you've had to change her."

They all laughed. 

I don't know if they got it or not, but whatever. I thought it was funny, damnit.

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  1. That is funny! I wonder if they do not properly tighten the diaper or change her frequently (maybe you change her more often at home... or I guess Daddy does make her poop!! LOL!


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