May 17, 2010

Manic Monday


Gotta make this quick as I’m swamped at work because that’s the way things go around here… left twiddling my thumbs for days, weeks, sometimes months on end and then all of a sudden BAM(!) there’s a shitload of work to get done and it’s all due yesterday. Fun times.

The weekend was good. No, actually, it was fabulous because it was spent with my two favorite people… but it all goes by too quickly. Saturday we headed out to the burbs where we were supposed to wait for a fridge to be delivered at the condo I own and rent out. (Yeah, we’re landlords. You’d think we had money then but we don’t. The dude’s rent doesn’t even cover my mortgage and then I have to pay a monthly association fee because it’s a condo, so he’s living there for nearly $400 less than if he were to own it. Thank you, Economy!) On the way to the condo, however, the delivery company said they had to reschedule. It’s a bunch of bullshit I have no desire to relive. Instead we went to my favorite burger joint in the whole wide world: Red Robin.

Lovie was phenomenal the entire day. She stayed put in her car seat for 5 hours before we got home (walked around the mall for a hot minute after burgers). And then when we got home and freed her from the car seat, she was all giggles until bedtime! It was so much fun. She gets so stinkin’ excited and her mouth opens wide into this big open mouthed smile and it looks like she’s about to squeal in delight but instead all that comes out is this quick cackle. It was hilarious and the hubs and I were practically on the floor rolling in hysterics!

Sunday was good for the hubs, apparently. I felt awful because I spent most of the day cleaning. I try my darndest to hold off for her naps but now that she’s getting older, her naps are getting shorter, and once this old chicka decides to clean, she CLEANS. So I spent all day cleaning: dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, rearranging, purging… It feels SO GOOD though to sit down in a clean, organized room. It’s not spotless, but there’s no random crap here and there. And I love it. I do hope, hope, hope and pray that I can keep up with some cleaning every day because it really depresses me to go home to a gross apartment. I found this awesome journal of sorts that has inspired me - - and I hope to refer to it and follow it every day.

That’s the plan at least.

The hubs said that he had a blast chilling out with Lovie though because he doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with her during the week (there are several days he doesn’t get to see her awake except for first thing in the morning when I bring her in to him on the bed while I get dressed). And I have to admit that seeing them together really warms my heart. Lovie just has this magical effect on people. She’s simply irresistible! And she loves her daddy so much; it’s super cute to see them play together!

The weekend ended on a bit of a sad note, though. After watching Celebrity Apprentice (go Brett!) I caught the beginning of the news and went to bed in tears. I’ve always had a very hard time listening to sad stories involving children (being abused, getting kidnapped, etc) but ever since Lovie’s been born, it’s become tenfold worse. Apparently last night an 8 year old boy fell into the river only a couple miles from where we live. They interviewed his older cousin who was playing with him at the time and the cousin broke down and lost it. Gah, I’m getting teary just thinking about it. They searched for the boy for 4 hours before it got too dark and they had to cease looking.

I never take ONE MOMENT for granted with my Lovie… but it’s stories like this that make you never want to let them out of your sight.

Sorry to end this on a downer note.

I’m sure something ridiculous will happen in a bit for me to bitch about. In the meantime, enjoy a picture from Friday night’s carrot dinner… and one of only 2 pictures captured on Mother’s Day (from the end of the day, a couple hours before bedtime):


  1. Lovie is gorgeous :)
    Stopping by from D-Listed!

  2. Lovie is adorable! I love the photo of you two! I can not watch the news, it totally makes me sad. I am glad your weekend was good, it always feels nice to get a little cleaning in... :)

  3. Red Robin! We should do another GTG some day...

    I'm glad you had a chance to catch up on your cleaning (not that I'm happy you spent the day cleaning...) but I bet you feel better now that it's done : )

  4. I'm a new follower from the D-List. Your daughter is beautiful! One of my favorite things is to watch my husband with my daughters. The look that girls give their's just priceless :)


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