May 18, 2010


I miss her so much this morning.

I think it has something to do with the fact that she only napped like an hour and a half all day yesterday while at daycare. I knew she was ass tired so I let her sleep (obviously) in the car during the ride home yesterday, as well as when we got home. I didn't try taking her out of the car seat or anything either because I knew she needed to sleep.

She proved me right by not waking until almost 6.

Her bedtime is at 7.

I pick her up at 330 everyday and by the time we get home (city traffic can blow chunks), it's usually around 445.

In plainer terms, she slept from 330-6 yesterday. Then she woke and I gave her a bottle after trying to give her carrots first (she just cried- she was starving and couldn't wait for the carrots). Daddy came home and snuggled her for a bit. Then he gave her the rest of the carrots (she's such a good eater!), then a bath, then I read a couple stories, and then she went to bed.

I hate days like yesterday. I hate getting an hour with the love of my life. I want more time with her. I miss her so stinkin' much.

And now I'm at work and she's at daycare and they get to see her smiles and hear her giggles and all I get is an empty car seat in the back of my car.

Until 330.

Gosh, I hope she takes a longer nap(s) there today.

...7.5 more hours peanut butter (dear god please make it go by fast!)


  1. Found you through the D-List! That is so sweet! I alwyas feel for my husband because by the time he gets on our daughter is sleeping. He always looks forward to his days off!

  2. *always and *home Lots of typos sorry :)

  3. Not too much longer now! Maybe one day you could leave a disposable camera with her teachers and ask them to take tons of pictures. Then when you really miss her while working you can pull them out and melt over the cuteness!

  4. Hello...Thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming my first follower! I am so excited to meet you and look forward to catching up on your blog! Lovie is an absolute doll!


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