May 20, 2010

Rock Star Hair

Let me preface this with a reminder of my age: Old.

Ha, just kidding- sort of.

I remember one of the kids at Lovie's daycare talking about how her daddy just celebrated his 35th birthday and I asked if she thought that was old and she, without any hesitation, replied, "Yes."

Well... I'm older than that.


As a baby I had a full head of hair but it was stick straight. Always thick though, but straight. My parents liked to keep it cut in that toss-a-bowl-over-the-kids-head-and-take-a-pair-of-scissors-to-the-edge-of-the-bowl cut. I don't understand this cut and I've seen it on kids today, too. WHY?!? When I hit puberty, my hair started to get curly. And curlier and curlier. I also started to grow it out so that when I hit high school, I had this insane amount of ... HAIR.  It was still thick, but now it was ridiculously curly, too and that resulted in mass frizz since I hadn't yet discovered the godsend that is Frizz Ease Gel. (Not to digress yet again but I remember not too long ago when Walmart stopped selling the gel for a hot minute for some reason and I nearly cried because nothing... NOTHING... has worked in my hair the way this product does. And no, I do not work for John Frieda and they did not supply me with anything to give such rave reviews.)

I went to four high schools (and people wondered why I was such an introvert) and got called "Slash" at the fourth high school.  I was pissed because I didn't know any of these asshole kids (it was a snobby rich high school and we were far from being rich), yet anytime I stepped foot in a the hall I would hear "Slash" so one day I had had it (I'm sure I was PMSing) and stopped this freshman looking kid, a boy, and grabbed him by his shirt and demanded he tell me why the fuck he (and others) were calling me Slash.

He looked at me like I was crazy and was all, "You know... Slash... Guns N Roses Slash? Your hair."

I let him go and continued on my way wondering how I couldn't figure it out since I was a huge GNR/Slash fan!  Yet it didn't click till the boy blurted it out.  And then I was proud for some stupid reason.  (God I hated that school so much. It was the last high school I attended and I hated it so much that I didn't even graduate on stage with the rest of the fuckfaces that went there.)

In reality, my hair isn't quite like Slash's (but isn't it gorgeous - along with his absolutely yummy lips?!?).  It's long and thick and curly and frizzy, but I don't think it's as much and I think that's because I'm all white.

Now, Lovie on the other hand...

Um, yeah.

Aside from having the cutest almost 5 month old in the world, we have one with rock star hair already!  And as much as I love her hair (which is really kinky curly...when it's wet, the curls shrink and get incredibly tight and her hair is less ... big, but when it's dry, like the pic above... :) Oh and when you pull it straight, it's a good three inches long already!), I'm getting a little concerned with how to ... control it. 

Do I put gel in it? 
Do I cut it? 
Do I just continue to let it grow and become even more Rock Star Hair-like? 

I've asked my husband what to do since he brought on the afro gene ;) and he's all, "I don't know. I'm a guy. My mom just always kept my hair short."


And no, I will not be putting any ginormous headband with huge ass flowers as big as her face on her head.


  1. Amen to not putting the headband. You know my thoughts on this. :)

  2. Yeah, I say let it down, Have you seen Pam's blog, with her daughters Remi and Sydney? They are beautiful, and their hair gorgeous!! Check out this post:

    Lovie is soo cute!! I love her hair :)

  3. I think her hair is so darn cute, but I'm no help for trying to style it! BTW, I was reading a magazine the other day and it was showing 4 celebrities hairstyles from the back. They made it look like it was 4 women with beautiful hair and then when you turned the page, you saw that it was really 4 guys with gorgeous hair. Slash was one of them!

  4. I say go with the gel...for sure don't cut it! It is adorable! Cute post and adorable baby! I am visiting from the party!

  5. I clicked on your avatar because I had to see who that gorgeous baby was! She is so beautuful.
    I noticed there were comments but no real suggetions. I hope this helps.

    SoftSheen by Carson BabyLove line would work for her hair.

    Carol's Daughter has something called hair butter that's organic its a bit pricey but a little goes a long way.

    Itsy Bitsy Spirals Baby Curl Moisturizer by It's a Curl for babies is also an option for her grade of hair.
    Keeping her hair moisterized but not greasy is important.

    Below are the links to the products.

  6. Such a precious baby.. I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog but I do have a few suggestions for your babies hair.

    You can use the Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Control Shampoo and Conditioner. Then follow with Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Conditioning Milk.

    At your babies age, she doesn't need much done to her hair. She's just as cute as a button as is but I understand your need to figure out what will work for her hair. The key to curly/kinky hair is to cleanse with non stripping shampoo, always condition and use moisturizing products. Her hair will be healthy and strong.

    Hope that is helpful


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