May 11, 2010

PMS after birth

I cannot believe I'm going to say this out loud (or write it to the world) but, um, I miss PMS before I had Lovie. It was horrendous, don't get me wrong, but at least there was no doubt that PMS was the reasoning behind the monster I would become.

Since Lovie's birth, I have no clue I'm PMSing because I don't have the burning, bloated boobs that would feel like they could literally explode at any moment; I don't have the horrendous cramping and killer shut-off-all-the-lights-now headaches. Now I just become this angry, very short-fused BITCH that could very well end up on an episode of Snapped one day. (I don't want to kill anyone in reality, but I just get so... angry at the drop of a hat lately that it's scaring me a bit.)


You'd think that after 27 years (that's not a misprint) of PMSing and getting my period, I'd be used to this but is pain and discomfort something you can ever really get used to? 

Like I said, at least before Lovie was born I had a warning...a physical reasoning as to why I was being a bitch. But there have been a couple times recently since her birth, when I've actually wondered if I was losing my mind or something! 

Anyway. Hope you're having a PMS-free day. Whores.

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  1. I Love love the picture!!! I can not complain because I have yet to have mine (knock on wood)...BUT I also hate auntie flow...ugghhh!! LOL!


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