May 11, 2010

oh and by the way

... in my last post from moments ago, I mentioned looking at Old Navy and the Gap's sale section. Well I came across this and I'm sorry, but under NO circumstance would my BABY be caught wearing a friggin cleavage cut dress (yeah I'm not a fashionista and I'm sure there's a term for the low cut neckline - oh is that the term?!).  I'm really kind of stunned that something like this even exists. I mean, it's a pretty dress and all - if you're 30!!

Hmm, but maybe I'm just showing my age and prude-ness (that's not even a word, is it?). Whatever.


  1. When I saw this picture on the Google dashboard, I thought it was an adult dress! That's kind of creepy...

  2. I just don't know about a halter with a sweetheart neckline on an infant...


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