May 25, 2010


Last night was a bit rough (when it comes to Lovie) as far as getting Lovie to go to sleep.

Ever since she's been about 2 weeks old, she's been sleeping in her crib.  And this whole time we've basically been following the same routine at bedtime: bottle, bath (every other night- though this may change to every night now that day care is starting to apply sunblock when they take the kids outside), story (or 2 or 3- minimum is Goodnight Moon), cuddles and kisses, lay down in crib, (swaddled up to 3 months old), paci if wanted, Seahorse on, noise machine on, Nighty night.  Sure, in the beginning, we would have to stay very nearby for up to an hour at times to pop the paci back in or to rest a hand on her to reassure her we were there and everything was safe, but both the hubs and I remained very consistent with our routine and Lovie was very rarely ever picked up and/or rocked, etc, once she went down for the night - except for another bottle.

We didn't read any "sleep training" books or anything, we just started a "routine" very early and we're both very firm believers that consistency is key with anything baby/child related.

It's not rocket science, after all.

Anyway, last night was quite odd because for months now, Lovie generally will go to sleep within minutes of laying her down... except for last night. It was like she reverted back to being a brand spankin' new baby.  We gave her a bottle, gave her some cereal, a bath, cuddled, read stories, cuddled and kissed, laid her down, Seahorsed, noise machined, Nighty Nighted... and after a couple minutes, she started fussing. And that fussing turned into crying. First daddy went in to give her the paci and calm her a bit and after a couple minutes more fussing.  So I went in.  Then again the fussing, then crying, then screaming.

Lovie does not scream unless something is wrong or unless she's super hungry and we neglect to realize that she's hungry.

I had the hubs make a bottle while I did something I normally do not do: I picked her up. I had to. She was so upset and I'll be damned if my sweet angel get so upset for no apparent reason.  It was like she was scared or something!  Poor baby!

I picked her up and she immediately calmed down.  I started singing softly to her and she remained calm but very alert, never once really relaxing.  After several minutes of singing and rocking I laid her back down.  She started to get excited again and I softly told her it was bedtime, that we were here for her, that we weren't going anywhere, that it was OK to go to sleep.  I placed my hand on her chest and belly as I softly spoke and shhhhhhushed.  She grabbed onto my hand with both of her hands and just looked into my eyes.  We stayed like this for a good five minutes before she started to really relax and release her grip a bit.  I slowly removed my hand and quietly walked out of sight.

She was out cold in a matter of seconds.

I was glad I could help her, but I was also a bit upset that she was so upset. Does that make sense?

Well... she ended up sleeping the entire night through - something she's NEVER done. She's gone a night without waking to eat, but she'd always wake and fuss long enough to get us to give her a paci before falling back asleep.  She did that for 5 days in a row several weeks back but since has been back to wanting to have a bottle (and eating it all up!) once in the middle of the night.

Last night was the first night she just slept.  (I know I'm a freak of nature but I actually *miss* her when she STTN because I love that time with her when she wakes to eat - it's so peaceful and quiet and after she's done eating, she closes her eyes, smiles, and nuzzles into me and goes right back to sleep.)

I think it's because she's been rolling onto her belly to sleep. Because this morning (the 5th morning finding her on her belly) when I went in to wake her, I said, "Good Morning!" in my trying-to-be-excited-and-happy voice and she instantly popped her head up (she was on her belly) and smiled super big though her eyes were still closed.


Good Morning Baby Doll!!  Good morning, Good day, Good night, Good LIFE!!

... 7.5 more hours


  1. We have random nights like that every once in awhile too...they are so frustrating for me! Lately though, giving her teething tablets has helped big time.

  2. I am also a firm believer in having a night time routine. I really think it helps babies (and definitely toddlers) go to sleep at night.

    And the belly sleeping could definitely be why she slept all night. When we were trying to break my son of the swaddle he didn't sleep well at all. As soon as we started putting him down on his belly he was back to sleeping 12 hours again! I think they're much more comfortable on their bellies.

    And I'm with Meredith...teething tablets are awesome if you think Lovie might be teething. We call them "magic beans" in our house!

  3. We've been having a hard time getting H to sleep lately. Soon we're moving him into his room where we'll have to start teaching him to comfort himself. I'd love if he'd sleep through the night but
    I know what you mean about missing that time you share together!

  4. That is awesome that she STTN! My little Bailey sleeps well at night, has since 3m, we have never read a single book...just kind of like you, nurse, rock till drowsy, then put her down, if she wakes we wait 5 min, they go in, repeat...we usually do not pick her up either, until several times of in/ out and this has only happened a couple times. Babies though, always like to throw curve balls, once we think she is doing something great, she changes slightly! I know what you mean about missing her, I miss Bailey like all night :)


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