May 10, 2010

Tired and a little ticked off: Mother's Day review

Saturday night was rough, to say the least.

Lovie spent all last week sleeping thru the night for the first time in her life. It was kind of nice but also a little sad. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy feeding her in the wee hours of night when everything is so quiet and peaceful. And the smile she gives me and the way she burrows into me when she's done is just so incredibly magical...

Well that all went out the window Saturday.  We had a good day, Lovie and I - like we always do when we're together.  We played, we laughed, we read, we sang, we played, we laughed, we napped during the day.  Daddy was gone from 630am until about 3pm so it was just us girls.  When it came time for her afternoon nap at about 330, Lovie wasn't having any part of it.  And while she can fuss like any baby, she is normally not a crier - unless something is really wrong.  After about 10 minutes of trying to soothe her, we popped a bottle in her mouth and she guzzled it down like crazy and took a nap right away following. Poor baby was starving - but how were we to know this when she just has 6 ounces an hour prior?!

Gotta love them growing babies. :)

I ended up having to wake Lovie because it was getting late and she needed to eat dinner (rice cereal and a bottle) before going down for the night.  All of this went off without a hitch.

I went to bed around 10pm. The hubs stayed up (he's a night owl).

Around 1230am I heard Lovie crying, but the hubs was still up so would take care of her so I tried going back to sleep. Again, I heard her crying and this time it was like 130 in the morning and the hubs still wasn't in bed. I laid there for a couple minutes listening to the crying and getting angry. Why wasn't my husband taking care of my baby girl?! I get up and Lovie is in hysterics and DH is lifting her up looking at her like Are you OK? WTF?!?! He tells me he thinks she has gas. I tell him to give her to me and when he does, I take her into our bedroom which is dark, cool, and very quiet. I rock her and sing to her quietly, holding onto her tightly. She calms down in about 10 minutes or so. After another 10 minutes of just rocking her and ensuring she's calm, I lay her down in the crib on her belly - something I don't normally do since she's not rolling on her own yet.  But she was able to remain calm and went to sleep.

Turns out a day of shaken formula (generally we make a batch the day before and heat as needed - yes, formula as my boobs don't work) makes for a gassy Lovie.


After an hour, Lovie started screaming bloody murder again.  I quickly scooped her up and tried rocking/singing to her again but she just screamed and I ended up crying... my poor baby was in pain and nothing was helping! :(

Finally she calmed after about half an hour of rocking and singing. She fell asleep in my arms again and instead of laying her down again, I just kept her in my arms and rigged the couch up so that if I fell asleep she would not roll onto the floor.  We "slept" like this until she woke at 630 and looked at me and smiled.

I did my job. Sleep deprived like I haven't been in months, I was happy because Lovie was happy.

We picked up the hubs's mother at 11 and met my mom and grandmother for brunch at 1pm where Lovie was the star: Three people commented- one coming out of their way to stop at the table on their way out- that Lovie was a very good baby in addition to being incredibly cute.  Happy Mother's Day!  :)  After brunch, we said good bye to my mom and grandmother, and the hubs, MIL, Lovie and I went looking at high chairs (we have our eye on this one) where another person commented on how insanely good and cute Lovie is.   We dropped MIL off, stop for Peanut Parfait Busters from Dairy Queen (holla to the Ice cream gods!), and come home (fin.a.lly!).

By then it was like 530. Lovie and I played and laughed until dinner and she ate her rice cereal, drank her bottle, and when right to bed without fussing like normal.

And I was pissed... because this picture of my Lovie is the ONLY one taken from the day (from my cell phone in the car on our way to brunch)... my official first Mother's Day.

Whatever. I think the hubs took a pic or two of me and my Lovie after we got home (and changed - and she was dressed super damn cute during the day!) so I'll check. But as for now, I'm ass tired today because I have a horrible time sleeping on Sunday nights and I'm still trying to catch up from the non-sleep I got Saturday night, but it's all good because in 4 hours I get to leave and pick up my Lovie and smother her with hugs and kisses!

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  1. Is it weird I want to kiss your baby's lips? They are soo cute!


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