May 7, 2010

My perfect afternoon

I rushed out of here (work) as soon as I was allowed (315PM) and quickly made my way to Lovie's day care. It was beautiful out -sunny skies, cool breeze.

I made my way into the center and immediately noticed that it didn't reek of poop. Yahoo! When I made my way into Lovie's room (it's a huge center with classrooms for every age group including a Kindergarten - and though I call it a day care, it's actually a preschool as every teacher is degreed in education), I immediately saw her sitting in a Bumbo nearby the entrance. She was facing the door so when I said, "Hiiiiii" in my momma-loves-you-more-than-anything-and-everything voice, her eyes darted to me and her face immediately lit up like she had just won the lottery even though it was me who feels this way anytime I'm with her.

I scooped her up into my arms and smothered her with kisses and she rewarded me with some chunky spitup. One of the teachers gave me a light blue tissue wrapped something. I figured it had something to do with Mother's Day. They gave me her "report card" (states when she ate, how much she ate, when and how long she napped, when her diaper was changed and if she pee'd or pooped, if she needs clothes or diapers or wipes, etc) and told me she guzzled her bottles down at each feeding. I also noted she napped a good amount which made me happy because it meant she might stay up with me until bedtime!

While the car ride home wasn't her best (she's normally pretty quiet but wasn't too happy for some reason), she eventually passed out and we made it home and up the stairs as she continued to nap. I quickly logged the times and quantity she ate and threw her last bottle into some hot water as I knew she'd be hungry. After changing my clothes, I got her out of the car seat and into my arms where she stretched and molded herself into me (god I love that feeling). We talked for a minute, I gave her a ridiculous amount of kisses, and then I fed her the bottle which she guzzled.

We chatted for a bit and practiced standing (she just loves to stand and sit straight) before I let her chill out in the bouncy chair (she used to hate sitting in this until recently) while I opened the tissue wrapped gift from earlier.

How absolutely ridiculously sweet is that? The stems of the flowers is a cutout of her hand imprint. And the pot says I am like a flower that's raised with love by you. You help me grow up big and strong. Mom, thanks for all you do.

So darn sweet. :)

We played and talked and sang and giggled the next hour and half. (Lovie's getting very close to sitting on her own; I think we both can taste it.)

At 630, we made our way into the kitchen where I sat Lovie down in the Bumbo and made some rice cereal and another bottle. She ate up all of her cereal and cried again when I didn't put more into her mouth (there was no more but I think that after 3 days of tasting it and liking it and crying when there is no more proves I can start making and giving a bit more). I scooped her up and assured her that she was getting a bottle, too. We made our way to the couch where we relaxed while she drank up her bottle. (And again, although it was only an hour and 45 minutes since her last feeding, she drank it all up!)
I changed her diaper, put her in some pj's, read a book, sang "Momma loves you" (a song I made up to the tune of some Christmas song) to her as I rocked her for just a minute before laying her down in the crib, popped in her binky, danced with the Seahorse, turned on the noise machine, placed my hand on her belly as I bent over and into the crib to kiss on my baby doll, and said Good-night.

I left her room to wash the bottles and prep them for today which was when the hubs finally got home. He went in to kiss his baby girl and said she was just about asleep.
After bottle duty, I farted around with some pictures on the computer, ate dinner, and went to bed only waking twice to pop a binky in Lovie's mouth (third night in a row - shhhhh - she's slept through the night without any feedings!).
And I get to do it all over again today! Cannot wait until 315!

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