April 6, 2010

Working mom Benefit

Oh my. I seemed to have discovered a benefit to working (aside from the obvious of being able to keep the electricity on and/or not having to live in a cardboard box in the alley)... Take a look up at the top of the page ::points to fancy new banner::.

*I* created that today. All by myself! Whoa, eh?!

I can hardly believe it myself.

And see the little pics of a baby holding someones finger? That's my Lovie's little perfect hand holding onto my finger and that was actually taken with my cell phone just this past (Easter) Sunday. (see original pic on left)

Yeah so apparently a "plus" to be a working mom is that I have time to work on pictures (I had a bitch of a time blurring the background of our hands) and banners for my blog.

Ridiculous, I know.

15 minutes my Lovie. 15 minutes and I'm out of here and on my way to get you and scoop you into my arms and smother you with kisses and hugs.

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