April 16, 2010


Once again, it's been a long week. It just doesn't seem to go by as fast as it does when I'm with Lovie all day.


Every day this week, I've been holding her when we get home from work/school. She's ALWAYS asleep when we get home and because I really do think she needs the sleep, I let her sleep in the car seat while I log the times that she ate and the quantities and get a few other things done. Then, I'll carefully get her out of the car seat and just hold her... and all week she's been letting me do this and just continues to sleep on my chest as scrunched up as she can get.

It's not like it used to be though.

When she was younger, she'd scrunch up on me and fit perfectly on me - her body would lay on my stomach under my huge boobs, and she'd use those as a pillow. Now, she still tries to scrunch up but her legs often fall and hang in my lap and her arms drape across my neck while she uses my neck as a pillow.

She's grown SO much.

I love when she sleeps on me. I love that I can provide that comfort for her... something I hope I can always do for her.

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