April 12, 2010

AWFUL weekend

I made frozen pizza Friday night and ate most of it within a couple hours leaving one and a half pieces which the husband finished off near midnight (he was doing his parents' taxes and out all night as a result).

The next morning, I fed Lovie and found myself running to the bathroom every hour. I couldn't hold her or play with her much; just kind of fed her and dumped her back into the crib while I ran to the bathroom and then back to bed.

The husband soon was doing the same... except by 10AM, I could hear the violence coming from the bathroom and it was coming out both ends for him (I was feeling nauseous the entire time but thankfully hadn't puked).

By 1PM, I was puking violently while we both kept racing to the bathroom and then back to bed and/or the couch. Poor Lovie was still in the crib. I called my mom in tears and she came out by 4PM (lives an hour and half away!) and stayed for several hours, playing with Lovie.

It was the worst day of my life. No matter how much I wanted to hold my baby girl and play with her, I couldn't. I just had no energy and what little energy I did have, I needed to use to go the bathroom.

But thanks to my mom, Lovie did get to smile and giggle some on Saturday!
Yesterday was better for the husband but I pretty much spent the entire day still running to the bathroom. Today, it's the same thing. Nothing will stay down, yet I'm still here at work.
I'm never having Red Baron frozen pizza again. Ever.

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