April 28, 2010

if you have to ask...

Sometimes I'm left wanting to scream at people but then I realize they can't hear me through the computer.

And I'd probably get fired.

I spend far too much time online while working. I fully admit this. And because of this, I'm oftentimes reading some really stupid things (it's the internet after all) and my latest annoyance are the questions people ask:

Is it wrong if I...

-run outside naked?
-send hundreds of text messages to a guy I'd boink if I wasn't married?
-leave my newborn in the car with the doors locked while I run into the gas
station for smokes and a Red Bull?

Sure those may be silly examples, and not necessarily ones I've run across (though maybe they are... hmmmm), but my point is that lately I've seen this a lot and I just want to scream at the top of my lungs:

IF YOU HAVE TO ASK... ... ... ...
Clearly you know the answer to such a question ... OR YOU WOULDN'T ASK IT. You just want some other asshole to validate that you're not alone with what you want to do or think. But the truth of the matter is that Yes, It is Wrong but it doesn't matter because you're going to do it anyway.

OK. I'm all better now.

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