April 19, 2010


Yesterday was an off day for my little Lovie. She's teething and it's becoming more and more evident- not only from the puddles of drool nearby wherever she may be, but also because she cannot stop chewing on her hands, my shirt (shoulder), etc!

Poor baby.

She's still too little to grab and manipulate things at the same time. She tries so hard but something still isn't connecting... so while she may be chewing on a teether for a minute, as soon as she moves or it moves, she starts to fuss.

And Lovie is not a fussy baby, normally. No really!!

She was happiest yesterday when I held her - but only if I held her so that her head looked over my shoulder... not because she needed to get into the action yesterday, but because she needed to be able to put her mouth on something and that something was my shoulder.

I swear I can still feel the wetness from her drool on my shoulder even though it's been an hour since I held her last!

She slept a lot yesterday, too. And that sucks ass because Saturday and Sundays are the days we look forward to most because there's no daycare for her and no work for us. The past weekends, I'd wake her if she slept more than four hours from the last time she ate... but yesterday was very different.

I'm guessing it's the teething.

She napped so much yesterday and when it was time to eat, she didn't eat much.

I really hope it's nothing more than the teething.

Last night when we put her to bed, she pretty much fell right to sleep. But then an hour later, she woke up crying and wouldn't stop crying. NOT normal Lovie behavior. The hubs tried changing her diaper and giving a frozen binky but she wouldn't have any of it. She just cried and that brought me to near tears.

I scooped her up and held her super tight to me and started singing "our song" (You are my sunshine) and rocked her while she gnawed on the shirt on my shoulder. After the song was over and she was quiet (about 6 minutes after I picked her up), I gently laid her back in her bed and gave her another frozen binky.

She went right back to sleep.

The husband took care of her midnight-ish feeding (he's a night owl) like normal and at about 3AM she started to fuss so I went in and gave her a Binky and she fell asleep for about 20 minutes before fussing again. I fed her at 4am, she didn't eat the whole thing, but seemed OK. After a couple minutes of holding her and letting her, once again, leave my shoulder all wet, I laid her down. She didn't want her binky. She laid there and gently talked to her hands for a while before drifting off to sleep.

Before leaving for daycare and work, I had to wake her to get her dressed and she was a little fussier than her normal smiley self. I was going to let her sleep in the car seat when I dropped her off at daycare, but she woke when I took off her hat, so I scooped her up to say goodbye (kills me!) and held her for a few minutes... when I gave her to the teacher, I saw she left me a present of a huge wet spot on my shoulder again.

I hope she'll be OK at school. I told the morning teacher that she was a little more fussier and more clingy than normal- most likely because of teething- so hopefully they'll be able to find some time to coddle her a bit today.

My poor baby.

I absolutely hate having to be away from her on a day like this... it's one thing when I know she's having fun and learning and growing, but to know that she's not feeling well and letting someone else try to make her feel better.. UGH!

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