April 21, 2010

Hump Day

While it may be Hump Day for some, it's not for me. I doubt, at least. We've had The Sex one time since Lovie's been born... and whilst pregnant, had it twice. Yeah, I'm a little deprived but oh well. I just have no desire to do the deed at 2 in the morning when the hubs finally crawls his ass into bed. And I can't very well complain to him that he needs to come to bed sooner because he handles the midnight feeding which means I get more sleep.

And sleep, lets face it, trumps sex these days.


I'm really that old.

So the raZberry Teether thingie I bought yesterday and was excited to get home to sanitize and then give to Lovie? Yeah... FAIL. Well, yesterday it was a fail at least. I don't think she was digging the fact that although it was like a pacifier, it was much larger. Here I thought she'd dig that and the fact that it has little nubbies on it to rub up in her mouth but I guess I was wrong. She took it and just let it fall out of her mouth every time.

We'll see how it goes today.
OMG, speaking of teething... it's impossible that she's teething from the top, right?!? I mean, everything I read says the bottom front two come in first but when she puts our finger in her mouth and chews, I swear we're feeling a little something on the top. This is just our imagination, right?

In the meantime, I'm still anxiously awaiting when those little hands of hers that grab at and hold mine to her little chest (love love love this!) start to grab and manipulate toys and stuff. She's SO close I can taste it. And I can't wait to see her face when it starts to happen for her.

Speaking of watching her reaction to things... the hubs went and got her a Jumperoo yesterday (and of course he had to spend $90 to get one brand spankin' new because Daddy's Girl has to have the shiniest and best!). So funny!! Lovie has definitely grown a lot over the past couple of months but when you see her in the Jumperoo she looks so tiny. And she's got a good foot or so (I suck at scoping out measurements) before her little tootsies can touch the floor!
It was late yesterday (of course) when he got it together and we put her in it, but hopefully today- assuming she takes another three hour nap at daycare- I can get some blankets and pillows under her so she can play in it for a couple minutes. I need to take some pics of her little tootsies though- and how far she's got before reaching the floor. Stinkin' cute.

It's tough having the cutest baby in the world, you know. ;)

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  1. my daughter never really liked those teething things either. She never really took to them...and as far as the sex goes--we went at it like rabbits during pregnancy AND after. It's a shock we only have one daughter. ;)



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