April 20, 2010


So at lunch, I went shopping. Hence the title. Clever, I know.

Lovie's been teething, we think, and she's just not happy with her pacifiers and gets super frustrated at not being able to manipulate teething toys and stuff (like this ridiculously expensive teether I bought a month ago because it came so highly recommended- argh! still waiting for Lovie to even notice this damn thing!) so I did some research and went out and got her a teething binky of sorts. The raZberry teether.Doesn't it look ... scrumptious? I mean, I kinda wanna stick it in my own mouth and Nom Nom it!

I'm hoping it gives her some relief. Must go home and boil it before giving it to her (yes I'll wait till it's cooled off!) but I'm excited and optomistic that this $4.00 thing works instantly as opposed to that $15 one mentioned above!

I also picked up some more Boogie Wipes- which we LOVE and would even use for our own noses if they weren't $4.00 a pack. Poor Lovie's had a stuffy nose since, I kid you not, two days after starting daycare well over a month ago and her itty bitty cute as a button nose just can't handle anything but these wipes so THANK YOU to the creators of them!

I also got another sleep sack since we de-swaddled several weeks ago.

My Lovie. God I miss her so much... and it doesn't help that 4 people today have asked how she's doing.

One hour and fifteen minutes, my doll...


  1. Let me know how she likes this :) I have seen these...My LO loves Sophie the Giraffe, can not get enough of her...Hope Lovie will like her new bling!

  2. how fab does this look! i hope she likes it and it soothes her lil gummies!!

  3. I've seen those! I think Mr. Wonder would think it was too cutesy for our son, but they do look delicious.


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