April 20, 2010

Hello Clear Skin!

My oh my how I've missed you Clear Skin!

At 30-something, you'd think I'd be OK with my skin... or at least know what products to use to be OK with it. And I was, I really really was.

Until I got knocked up.

Nearly as soon as the HPT indicated a positive, the red blemishes started to invade my face. It was quite frustrating because nothing would stop the hideousness that became my face. I tried cover up, I tried using the most gentlest of facial cleansers, I tried using just water, I tried moisturizing one day and going without the next... nothing worked. My face became that of a 15 year old. In fact, it was worse than when I was a teen (I was lucky, I admit).

But I was pregnant and that pregnancy turned into Lovie and that's all that mattered.

And now that Lovie's nearly 4 months old (how in the hell did THAT happen??!?!? WHEN did that happen?!??!!?), I see that Clear Skin is BACK! And I'm LOVING it!!

So Hello Clear Skin!! Welcome Back! I truly hope you stick around forever!

And thank you to my favorite products for making my rosacea-infested face more normal looking:

(these pads are just awesome! they leave my skin soooo soft and silky every day! and yes, gentle enough to use every day)

(I really like this moisturizer but only use it in the winter [I sweat a lot when it's warmer out] or when I start to see some red splotches)

(Love this under eye cream. Can't say enough about it other than my lack of wrinkles can be attributed to the daily use of this product, I believe)

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  1. It's interesting that the Aveeno is working so well for you. I remembered you saying how much you liked it a few months ago, so I bought a bottle of the face wash. Zits everywhere! I had to switch back to good old Purpose that I've used for years. Glad you found something that works for you though!


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