April 29, 2010

4 months old!

This is taken from my Lovie's blog - a private blog documenting Lovie's life and my love for her, a blog which will be turned into a book and given to Lovie one day.

My dear [Lovie],

Today marks your 4th month here with us and for some reason today’s milestone leaves me quite emotional. Let’s be honest here, I’m generally a pretty emotional person to begin with – especially when it comes to you; but there’s just something about 4 months that’s hitting me kind of hard.

Maybe it’s that you’re officially no longer a Newborn… maybe it’s that you’re really growing into this amazing little person instead of just the cutest baby in the world… maybe it’s that I waited so long to have you and now that you’re here, time just seems to slip through my hands and I just want to cherish every single moment – yet here you are 4 months old already! Whatever the reasons for my emotional ride today, they are fantastic reasons because they all revolve around you, my love.

You’re really becoming such an amazing little person, [Lovie]. Every day we have these little chats and I swear you understand what I’m saying at times, and boy can’t I wait to start really understanding what you’re saying, too…Because you’re definitely saying a lot. And singing, too!

It’s really incredible to be witness of all this amazing growth of yours, to see all the wonderment in your world every single day – and not only to witness it but be such an integral part of it.

Your latest fascination is with your hands (still) and feet. You’ve been using your hands more and more with every passing day and lately you’re getting super close to really learning how to manipulate things with your hands. Often when you’re eating, your hands help hold the bottle. And if they’re not holding the bottle, they’re holding onto my hand (or a finger). The same thing is happening with toys and it couldn’t come at a better time because we’re pretty sure you’ve been teething and it will come in great convenience once you learn that your hands can help bring stuff you grasp to your mouth. I think my favorite thing you’ve been doing with your hands lately, is resting them onto my hand as if to hold my hand – particularly in the middle of the night when I’m saying goodnight or trying to soothe you. That, and when you bring your hands to my face. They are such incredibly sweet and tender moments and ones that really make me realize just how incredibly blessed I am to be YOUR mommy!

Your hands are also grabbing your feet and toes a lot lately, too. When laying on your back, you’re constantly throwing your legs up in the air to grab at and hold onto your feet and toes. It’s so stinkin’ cute! Soon, those feet will be in your mouth, I’m sure of it! And when we’re playing and “I’ve got your feet!” you giggle so much – especially when I pretend to eat your little piggies! :) So much fun we have!!

Another thing that you’re learning to master lately is sitting. Any time we’re playing or I’m reading to you or whatnot, you’re always trying to sit up straight which is why we got the Bumbo chair for you several weeks back. And boy do you like sitting in that… it turns you into a big girl and gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings.

On the contrary, you also LOVE to stand. Of course we have to hold you up, but boy oh boy does your face light up with the biggest smiles when we hold you up and your feet hit the ground or our lap. “Look at the big girl!” I exclaim and it’s like we won the lottery!

And that’s exactly how I feel about you, my love bug. Like I’ve won the lottery. Life simply couldn’t be any better and it’s all because of you… and some days, I start to believe that you actually get that – how incredibly loved and cherished you are: You’re always looking for me when I’m not holding you and whenever our eyes meet, your face just lights up with a big smile. And my heart just swells and I just can’t help but to think, Yup, I won the lottery; after 37 years, I finally won the lottery and it comes in the shape of a 4 month old named [Lovie].

Happy 4 months, sweetheart.

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