April 9, 2010

For Serious!

Another day ... another whole lot of nothing.


Oh but that's not entirely true.
Earlier this morning I did some actual work that took up about 15 minutes of my time.

Yes, I'm being serious.

Then at lunch I drove over to Babies R Us with my coupon in hand (25% off all clothes and shoes that can fit in a reusable tote bag they hand out upon entering) and spent $86 while saving $82 (Hells yeah!).

And now I'm online yet again.

What I wouldn't do to scoop my Lovie up in my arms, toss her in a warm outfit, grab a blanket, and head out to the park!

You people have no friggin clue how ridiculously draining it is to do nothing for 8 hours a day!!

Yes, I'm being serious!

1 hour baby doll, 1 more hour left to this work week!

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