April 28, 2010

3 in 2

I'm battling a cold.


I've been back to work for 2 months (next week) and I've been sick three times and have gotten my period three times.

Is this the Universe's way of telling me something? I mean, I don't WANT to be at work so I'm not sure what the point could be.

Thank God Lovie's been OK - aside from having a stuffy nose since day three at daycare, which has since turned into a runny, snotty nose the past couple weeks. And holy hell can I not take those slimy stretchy boogers!!

Stinky, shitty diapers - ok.

Slimy, stretchy boogers - NASTY!

Heh, yet what I wouldn't do right now to be sitting trying to catch said slimy, stretchy booger from Lovie's tiny button nose instead of sitting here at work bitching about how I'm battling a cold whilst "working".

7 more hours love bug...

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