April 7, 2010

I'm tired again.

Go figure.

Lovie slept great last night. I put her down at 7, she woke around 11 and Her Daddy fed her while I slept. Then at 130am Her Daddy came to bed and started with his obnoxiously loud snore-then-abruptly-stop-snoring-so-he-could-rub-off-his-face bullshit. It doesn't matter how many times I bitch to him about how ridiculously annoying it is to be woken up in the middle of the night because he's rubbing off his face in his sleep, he won't do anything about. It's only been 10 years, man. COME ON ALREADY!!

At about 2am I finally had had it. Try as I might to get him to roll back to his back or side instead of his stomach, he wouldn't budge. So I got up and went on the couch after looking in at my beautifully perfect Lovie who's arms were spread out over her head.

I laid there trying to calm down for having to get up, for having my precious sleep disrupted and just as I started to drift, Lovie started to stir and fuss. It was about 3AM. I let her go at it for about 10 minutes before she got louder and louder and then fell silent for 10 minutes. Yay, my big girl is learning to soothe herself! I went back to lay on the couch and about 10 minutes later, she started fussing loudly again so I got up and gently put a Binky in her mouth and rubbed her head and belly. Her tiny eyes were closed and remained closed after the Binky went in her mouth. She fell back to sleep immediately so I went back on the couch, knowing very well that she would stir again in 20 minutes and I'd need to go warm a bottle.

I drifted off and dreamt that I was getting a manicure and the people wanted to charge me like $250 when it was all said and done and when I balked at the price, they said I could get the every day manicure for like $150. I wanted to balk and leave the room but felt stuck. And then my alarm went off and it was 5am!

Lovie didn't wake up after her 3 AM Binky. I was amazed and went to make sure she was OK and found her laying on her side so that her head was up against one side of the crib while her feet were against the other (!), Binky off to the side. I got a bottle together and stuck it in some hot water while I showered. She still wasn't awake when I was done, so I had to wake her. Boo. Not a fan of waking my sleeping baby doll!!

Yeah so anyway. I'm ass fucking tired again. And my fucking throat hurts again!! And this snatch down the hall is coughing up a lung.

Momma's not gonna be happy if she gets sick again!

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