April 8, 2010

Sucky Schedule

5AM - alarm sounds
5-615AM - wake and shower or wake and feed Lovie if she's awake; change Lovie's diaper and get her dressed; get myself dressed while Lovie plays with daddy; get her bottles together and my bag together and get out the door by 615.

620-645AM - drive to McDonald's for large coffee (6 cream, 3 sugar); drive to daycare and drop off Lovie, hoping she'll be sleeping when I get there so I don't have to say goodbye to an awake Lovie (kills me).

645-7AM - drive to work

7-315PM - "work"

315-330PM - drive to daycare and pick up Lovie and fall more madly in love with her as her face lights up when she sees me.

345-430/5PM - drive home in city rush hour traffic, singing to Lovie if she gets fussy but usually she just sleeps

445/5-630PM - play, talk, sing, laugh with Lovie if she's awake but she's usually napping :(

630-7PM - get Lovie ready for bed: bottle, bath (every other night), diaper change, pj's on, read bedtime stories, give hugs and kisses, turn on Seahorse, nighty-night Lovie!

730-9PM - eat dinner (take-out Mr brings home or delivery*); talk to/spend time with the Mr; clean bottles and prepare next days bottles; shit**; tidy up if there's energy to do so.

9PM - nighty night Mr

I'm lucky because Mr is a complete night owl (not me!) so he generally stays awake till around midnight so he's able to give Lovie a bottle when she wakes because she's still not sleeping thru the night. And if she doesn't wake before he's ready for bed, he'll wake her before he comes to bed so the past week I haven't had to wake at 3AM-ish to feed her because she's sleeping good, apparently.

*not sure how the hell we're ever going to lose the pounds we DESPERATELY need to since we don't cook... and it's not that we don't want to cook or know how to, it's more like WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO? Sorry, but I'm not about to give up the two measly hours I have with Lovie at the end of the day to cook. And Mr. doesn't get home until after 6 or 7 at night so I'm not about to wait to eat at 9PM! Not gonna happen!!

**sure feels like I have to even schedule my shits in!!

This schedule isn't a choice. I *have* to be here at work right now. We simply cannot afford for me to be home... but we will be looking at our budget this weekend to see what, if anything, we CAN do differently. I'm more than ready to ask to switch to Part Time. Clearly (um, this blog and my others?!) this position can be moved to part time. It will save the company money so why not? But I dare not bring it up until I know for sure we can hack it. Mr doesn't seem to think we can but I have to keep the hope alive... for Lovie. And for me. I just miss her sooo much.

2.5 hours Lovie...

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